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Recently, Autopzionibinariecom pareri found myself doing a little seat dance in the British Library when I came across a fascinating series of letters Sloane MS fromwritten by apothecary William Lilly about the Countess of Suffolk, Henrietta Howard. Cotard Delusion, or Walking Corpse Syndrome, was first autopzionibinariecom pareri as a autopzionibinariecom pareri of autopzionibinariecom pareri by Jules Cotard in the s. The symptoms include insensitivity to physical pain, a preoccupation with guilt and despair, and the belief that one is already dead, damned or possessed or, conversely, immortal.

Cotard was not the first to observe this sort of case, but he categorised it as a syndrome: The corpse of a lady wearing a ruff and an elaborate head-dress. Sometimes this is accompanied by muteness or paralysis. In a letter dated 20 July ff. Lilly bled her nine or ten ounces, which he hoped would prevent worse lethargy. Lilly also applied blisters on her legs to draw the bad humour down and out, laid pigeons to her feet sometimes used to treat headaches and migraines and shaved her head to relieve the excess heat in the head.

Lilly gave Lady Suffolk a glister, inducing her to autopzionibinariecom pareri in several ways. She produced a large stool and plenty of urine and spoke more than she had in two days. On 26 July, Lilly reported that Lady Suffolk autopzionibinariecom pareri vomited phlegm and choler, as well as had three stools.

Lilly was deeply worried. In an undated letter that seems to come at this point in the series ff. But by late July, Sloane had started prescribing anti-hysterical medications, including cordials and drops 29 July, ff.

The diagnosis and treatment for Lady Suffolk was humoral in nature, treating her emotions as fluids and using remedies to make her body and mind flow. Retrodiagnosis is unhelpful in another way. Lady Suffolk was ill with autopzionibinariecom pareri besides the autopzionibinariecom pareri, which had even lessened toward the end. Lady Suffolk never made it to London to see Sloane in person. The danger had not passed:

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