Sichere Daten, sichere Kommunikation / Secure Information, Secure Communication

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Since about two decades, formal methods for continuous and hybrid systems enjoy increasing interest in the research community. A wide range of analysis techniques were binare handler schwere operationen in the literature and implemented in powerful tools.

However, the lack of appropriate benchmarks make the testing, evalu Safety is a requirement concerning an increasing number of automotive applications. Recent safety standards set requirements for designing safety-critical systems. Among others, these specifications include a comprehensive detection and handling of hardware faults.

It is often regarded as common knowledge that negative pressure applied on blood causes hemolysis, e. But in literature there are only few studies with different outcomes and binare handler schwere operationen with static settings. Therefore, we designed a dynamic test set up to study the e Today extracorporeal membrane oxygenation ECMO is an ultima-ratio treatment for severe lung injury. Not only the technical complexity of binare handler schwere operationen system and the physiological relationship between the different related parameters, but also the safety issues related to an ECMO cause it to be a very ra In current curricula, more and more courses endeavor to give practical examples on the usage of embedded hardware.

Either by demonstrations e. In order to motivate the students a reference to current technological developments is desired. Long term extracorporeal membrane oxygenation can be used in cases of severe lung failure to maintain sufficient gas exchange without the need to apply higher ventilationpressures which damage the lung additionally. The use of cardiopulmonary bypass devices is well established inside the operati Android belongs to the leading operating systems for mobile devices, e.

The availability of Android's source code under general public license allows interesting developments and useful modifications of the platform for third parties, like the integration of real-time su Formal verification of embedded software is crucial in safety-critical applications, ideally requiring as little human intervention as possible.

Binary code model checking based on hardware simulators already comes close to this goal, although with high initial effort for developing a simulator o We apply binare handler schwere operationen static analysis based on abstract interpretation to derive reachable values and identify potential programming faults fully automatically.

Our verification is built on a formalization and abstraction of With the booming mobile market and increasing capability of mobile devices, mobile platforms like Android emerge from end-user to industrial application areas.

This paper sketches an approach to implement industrial safety-critical embedded systems binare handler schwere operationen fail-safe state on the mobile platform Andr This paper presents an overall MAV design with an integrated camera system.

It shows the integration of the camera into the hardware and software architecture and how camera information can be used within the logical design for improving flight control.

The presented architecture will be tested a Ultra-low-cost systems In addition to lectures on basic theoretical topics nowadays curricula demand more and more practical experiences from the binare handler schwere operationen. Due to the so-called bologna process in Europe the graduation scheme at the department of computer science at RWTH Aachen University was changed, towards Bachelor a This paper presents a low-level memory and hardware model suitable for analyzing embedded systems software written in high-level languages such as C.

The key feature of this approach is that it combines information binare handler schwere operationen can be discovered from the C code itself with information from the executable Critical infrastructure such as chemical plants, manufacturing facilities or tidal barrages are usually operated using specialized control devices.

These devices are programmed using domain-specific programming languages for which static code analysis techniques binare handler schwere operationen not widely used yet. This article describes the application of two abstraction techniques, namely dead variable reduction and path reduction, to microcontroller binary code in order to tackle the state-explosion problem in model checking.

These abstraction techniques are based on static analyses, which have to cope w This paper describes an approximate quantifier elimination procedure for propositional Boolean formulae. The method binare handler schwere operationen based on computing prime implicants using SAT and successively refining overapproximations of a given formula.

This construction naturally leads to an anytime algorithm, that is, This paper introduces Arcade. The tool supports static analysis as well as ACTL and past-time LTL binare handler schwere operationen checking using counterexample-guided abstraction refinement for different programming languages used in industry.

This paper presents a non-intrusive framework for runtime verification of executable microcontroller code. A dedicated hardware unit is attached to a microcontroller, which executes the program under scrutiny, to track atomic propositions stated as assertions over program variables. This dissertation is concerned with abstract interpretation of programs whose semantics is defined over finite machine words.

Most notably, the considered class of programs contains executable binary code, the analysis of which turns out demanding due binare handler schwere operationen the complexity and the sheer number of inv Traditionally, transfer functions have binare handler schwere operationen manually designed for each operation in a program. Recently, however, there has been growing interest in computing transfer functions, motivated by the desire to reason about sequences of operations that constitute basic blocks.

This paper focuses on de Veno-venous extracorporeal lung assist ECLA is used to provide sufficient gas exchange even in most severe cases of acute respiratory distress syndrome. Commercially available systems are manually controlled, although an automatically controlled ECLA could enable individualized and continuous a When a model checker detects a violation of an all-quantified specification, it generates a counterexample trace that explains how to reach a violating state.

In the binare handler schwere operationen of PLCs, the counterexample contains the required stimuli for the program to cause erroneous behavior. In this paper we propose a fully automatic technique to generate safety proofs for a given block diagram. Our method computes automatically Lyapunov functions for linear and polynomial systems within a block diagram. User defined safety constraints can be added to our verification algorithm, comb The core binare handler schwere operationen is a model checker that iteratively creates program traces, each of them covering a part of the program in terms of a coverage metric.

These test cases are transl In this paper, we propose a new approach to automatically derive invariants from Programmable Logic Controller programs by symbolically rewriting Instruction List code. These invariants describe the relations between all variables and capture the behavior of the program.

Usually, invariants are c In case of severe lung malfunction ARDSconventional artificial ventilation strategies may not be able to maintain physiological gas exchange. In these life threatening situations, extracorporeal gas exchange is one of the last available options to keep the patient alive. Binare handler schwere operationen now, most cente In this work we will present a method for automatic test case generation for PLC-software.

We support the coverage criteria line coverage and branch coverage. The test cases are generated using a model-checker, which iteratively creates program traces, each of them binare handler schwere operationen a part of the coverage Patients suffering acute lung failure depend on artificial ventilation in order to survive.

In severe cases even this is binare handler schwere operationen sufficient any more and long term extracorporeal membrane oxygenation is applied as a last chance rescue ther-apy. Adapted from short term cardiopulmonary bypass these mach This paper presents a fully automatic verification technique for Simulink block diagrams, by combining a static value range analysis with symbolic execution.

Our concept avoids a translation to other languages and, instead, extracts all necessary attributes from Simulink and interprets the model In this paper, we evaluate a number of methods for computing reachable sets using on one hand approximations and on the other hand invariants. We introduce our implementation based on zonotopes and us Model based testing techniques are a breakthrough in the modern software development. The integration of state-of the-art tools to automatically generate and evaluate tests from a model of the software product allows reducing the effort of testing activities while maintaining quality.

This paper presents a method for model checking programs for programmable logic controllers PLCs using the counterexample-guided abstraction refinement CEGAR approach. The technique is tailored to this specific hardware platform by accounting for the cyclic scanning mode that is symptomatic t Considering binare handler schwere operationen of wheelchair users, barriers are of utmost importance.

Steps are already an unpassable obstacle and can lead to long detours. To reduce the number of detours occur-ring, barriers should be known to navigation systems, like eNav. In this paper a concept is intro-duced, which Surfaces influence comfort as well as energy consumption or necessary strength during wheelchair driving. However, information about surfaces is only scarcely available in OpenStreetMap. To increase the density of this information, smartphone sensors combined with crowdsourcing is used.

This paper introduces the application of off-theshelf Android tablet computers as real-time capable control devices.

This derivative of Android with support for real-time applications en While there are several approaches applying model checking to PLC programs, it is still not used in industry. This is due to the limited applicability of the existing approaches, which binare handler schwere operationen translate PLC programs into the input languages of existing model checkers and thus suffer from certain prob Ein Ansatz zum merkmalsbasierten Konsistenzmanagement in der Produktlinienentwicklung.

Navigation for disabled people in wheelchairs is a huge challenge: The avail-ability of affordable increasingly powerful smartphones and Internet allows for smart applications, which can help wheelchairs users to find binare handler schwere operationen vali This paper presents an elegant algorithm for existential quantifier elimination using incremental SAT solving. This approach contrasts with existing techniques in that it is based solely on manipulating the SAT instance rather than requiring any reengineering of the SAT solver or needing an auxil Verification of software for embedded systems is crucial for ensuring a product's integrity.

Formal approaches like static analysis and model checking are gaining momentum in this context. To make an exhaustive examination of the system's state space tractable in practice, these methods perform a Abstract interpretation for proving safety properties summarizes concrete traces into abstract states, thereby trading the ability to distinguish traces for tractability.

Given a violation of a safety property, it is thus unclear which trace led to the violation. Moreover, since part of the abstr Nowadays, functional and safety requirements of vehicles can hardly be met without embedded software since a pure hardware-oriented realisation would be too complex and would result a huge number of electronic control units.

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