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Forexrobotnation and Binarytoday got all good reviews on Binary Ascend. People report making money. How could this be useless lotzofbotz? Have you tried BA to conclude this? Binarytoday is just another scam like s others. The rosy comments in their site are their own creation.

I have purchased BinaryAscend based on their comments and most of my testing failed. Then I posted my issues in their site thinking that I have done something wrong from my side binary ascend > requested them to help. I have shown them binary ascend > screenshot of signals generated from my MT4 you can see below. But they deleted my post in minutes. Now I can confirm though late they are just another bunch of scammers. I was referring to the John Kane page which contrary to many scam outfits, looks professional.

My question was directed at Lotz as he has great information on what is legitimate and what may simply binary ascend > legitimate. I binary ascend > hoping he would opine. As for my question causing you a headache and you separately asking if you are deranged, I really cannot answer without getting to know you better. If it is some medical issue, I am sorry I did not mean to trigger any episode. Any binary ascend > you have on John Kane is appreciated.

Thu Apr 5 Tokyo: Hi all, I came across this Binary Ascend signal software. Has anyone used it? How good is it? Like all EA bots trying to trade binary options. June edited June Ok great show live trades like what I do in the chatroom of them working real time and lets see how they do best options futures broker. Looks for a reverse in the trend but so often the trend continues.

Posted on Binary Today and like dillip91, comments got deleted. John Kane is just another scam artist who makes money by being an affiliate but can't trade himself. So, the lesson for me was - no refund? And don't trust John Kane. I see Forex Robot Nation is also promoting binary ascend. Can't remember now, but it was last year and something that was posted there reminded me very much of john kane. Wouldn't be surprised if it is the same person running both scams under different names and websites.

August edited August Absolute fake and scam software! I cannot believe binary ascend > naive I was. Lethargy and lack of due diligence on my part, cost me. This low life by the name of John Kane most likely a pen name is also behind Forexrobotnation. You will notice that the 'comments' option is inactive despite the number highlighted; except for the quick defense from this scammer. A-ha no surprises here, I wonder why This guy is a big time scam artist and continues to prey on people's genuineness and vulnerability!

You all have been warned! This is just how must aff marketers work. There game is to look for suckers and to them you are just a statistic for their analysis lol The Binary Today site appears to be [at first glance] authentic John Kane claims to be a full time trader I am not aggrieved by purchasing these two packages - simply part of the Binary learning experience.

Also Kane evaluates new releases [latest scams? I would have thought Binary today could test drive some of the [rare] legitimate binary signals software etc and recommend one or two?

But at least he may save newbies from falling prey to the scammers. Awww that is so sweet but a goat molester still molests goats All these affiliate marketers are not traders this again just proves what? Come here I got a lolly pop for you sweetie! Sure if you are a scammer that is exactly what that means, lol Just found your site and unfortunately have been burned twice with Binary Binary ascend > and then ForexFury.

I was a stock broker in the past, but traded covered calls mostly. September edited September Lotz, in a way I gather that it is wiser to save ones binary ascend > a goat will indeed be a damn goat, including the 'herds' that are on this side of binary ascend > fence! It must be very confusing in your head. But I do agree with you about the person in question being just an affiliate marketer pushing useless crapware.

This is such a phucked up thread Lotz, no not at all dude! I may have found myself in a slight grammatical conundrum nothing more. We know very well that I have been maintaining how I loathe Binary Ascend, it sucks binary ascend > more to it.

My point earlier about the fantasy of satisfied customers of BA even the very suggestion wound me up and despite cautioning the community felt as if I was beating a dead dog which is why I was a little annoyed also to find that BT was given prominence in a way, and people side tracking the issue, and far be it from me to give BIG-LIAR-JOHN any unwanted attention in any regard.

Hope this makes thing's a little clearer. Sign In or Register to comment. Binary ascend > Online 2 2 Binary ascend >.

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I started live trading in June and couldnt have picked a worse month. As for his tweaking, thats OK only if he tells us how and why, or gives original results as well, otherwise it just adds to the confusion. I have just ordered A-B and would be interested in any feedback from previous users as well as new users like me. Im using ADVFN to get my data (as recommended in the manual), and as Im not live trading, its all I should need for now.

One is a Java generated graph and the other is an HTML graph.