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Manufacturers and suppliers of gas chromatography equipment, instruments, systems gas chromatography instrumentation, GC, GC-MS systems. ABB process control instrumentation, process analytics. ABB ABB Instrumentation and Analytical is a manufacturer of process control instrumentation, process analytical instruments and systems at-line, in-line, on-line analyzer systemslaboratory analytical instruments. ABB Instrumentation and Analytical manufactures at-line gas chromatographs, laboratory gas chromatographs, process gas chromatographs GC system for simulated distillation, sulfur in fuel GC analyzergas chromatograph sample handling systems.

AC Analytical Controls is a manufacturer of method-specific GC and HPLC analyzer systems for the analysis of petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas streams chromatographic analyzers for the petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industry.

AC Analytical Controls manufactures distillates analyzers, gas analyzers, gasoline analyzers. GC analyzer systems for gas and liquefied gas analysis: GC analyzer systems for naphtha and gasoline range analysis: PIONA, reformulated gasoline analyzer system for the multi-dimensional analysis of hydrocarbon types in gasoline, detailed hydrocarbon analyzers DHAolefins analyzer, oxygenate analyzers and aromatics analyzers, simulated distillation analyzers SimDis.

GC analyser systems for mid distillates and heavy distillates analysis: Agilent Technologies is a manufacturer of mass-spectrometer helium leak detectors, vacuum pumps rotary vane, dry scroll, diffusion pumps, turbomolecular pumps, ion pumpshigh vacuum pumping systems, vacuum gauges, valves, flanges, fittings. Agilent Technologies manufactures lab and portable GC instruments, turnkey GC analyzer systems for natural gas analysis, refinery gas analysis, gasoline analysis, diesel fuel analysis, biodiesel fuel analysis, petroleum total sulfur determination, simulated distillation natural gas analyzers, extended NGA, refinery gas analyzers, DHA systems, PIONA systems, simulated distillation analyzers, biodiesel analyzer.

Agilent Technologies manufactures a complete line of capillary GC columns, GC-MS columns, HPLC columns, LC-MS columns, SPE products SPE columns, solid phase extraction disksaccessories, consumables, instrument parts and supplies for gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, capillary electrophoresis, binary matrix pro brokers stevensville mi, molecular spectroscopy, and elemental analysis.

The primary products are: Electronic Nose is a new light weight and low cost analytical device which will be provided with on-line controlling software and neural network based identifcation. Electronic nose designed to identify complex gaseous samples quickly and easily, suitable for testing and monitoring of foodstuffs. Electronic noses are portable, handy and can be used in every conceivable location. The system works as a stand-alone unit performing continuos cycles with the steps sampling, thermal desorption, injection, cleaning and cooling automatically.

With the adsoption technique compounds of interest can be adsorbed on the tubes, but also a pre-separation of the compounds of interest during sampling is possible. Depending on the target substance and the sampling time the detection limit can be improved by some orders of magnitude.

Especially when working with an electronic nose as a detector it has the advantage that disturbing or non smelling compounds like water, methane or ethanol are not trapped, permitting a better correlation to human smell perception. When working with GC as a detector it has the advantage that disturbing compounds like water in environmental samples are not trapped.

Different versions of the trap are available. It has also the advantage, that disturbing compounds, for instance water in environmental samples, can be excluded from injection into the GC.

AMETEK Process Instruments manufactures natural gas analyzers portable and in-line gas chromatographs for natural gas analysis, GC NGA systemsgas gravitometers, hydrocarbon dew point analyzers, liquid densitometers, portable gas moisture analyzer for natural gas processing and transmission industry. AMETEK Process Instruments also manufactures gas-purity monitoring systems - gas chromatographs for contamination monitoring of high and ultra high purity gases gas purity analyzers, trace gas analyzers, GC systems for analysis of impurities in fixed, permanent gases.

Moscow, Russia is a developer and manufacturer of software and data system for chromatography. Analytical Instruments Corporation is a manufacturer of process control gas chromatograph systems on-line gas analyzer system, pipeline natural gas BTU analyzer, laboratory gas analyzer.

Analytical Instruments Corporation manufactures gas chromatographic analyzer systems process analyzer, natural gas analyzer, NGA system, laboratory gas chromatograph equipped with Binary matrix pro brokers stevensville mi detectors for specific applications - thermal conductivity detector, flame ionization detector, flame photometric detector. Antek Instruments is a manufacturer of analytical instrumentation for laboratory and process online industrial environments.

Antek Instruments manufactures elemental analyzers for determenation of sulfur, nitrogen, fluoride, carbon. Laboratory and process in-line, on-line analyzers - nitrogen, sulfur, trace sulfur as low as 10 ppbcarbon, fluoride, and nitric oxide analyzers for gas, liquid and solid samples.

Pyro-Chemiluminescent nitrogen and sulfur detectors for HPLC and GC - sulfur chemiluminescence detection SCD and chemiluminescent nitrogen detection CLND techniques offer low ppb detection limits, linearity over 5 orders of magnitude, selectivity, and equimolarity.

Simultaneous nitrogen and sulfur detection for GC and SFC - a single flowpath with dual channel chemiluminescence detection. It can be retrofitted to any gas chromatograph on the market. ATAS GL manufactures automated devices and robotic systems for chromatography automation from sampling to injection. Robotic device provides automatic liquid-liquid extraction, solid phase microextraction SPMEon-line sample derivatisation, large and standard auto injection volumes, static headspace analysis.

Thermodesorber provides fully automation analysis - putting the liner in injector is automated, and the analytes of interest are thermally desorbed from the liner onto the capillary GC column, after binary matrix pro brokers stevensville mi of the sample and cooling down of the GC oven, the DTD interface opens and the liner is automatically replaced by a robotic system; the next sample can be subjected to DTD-GC-MS analyses.

Preparative GC fraction collector is compatible with capillary and packed GC columns, and compatible with any GC instruments. Baseline-MOCON is a manufacturer of automated continuous analyzers VOC analyzers, total hydrocarbon analyzers for environmental analysis, industrial hygiene, process gas analysis, emission monitoringautomated gas chromatographs process on-line GC systems - gas purity monitors for the carbonated beverage industry organic impurities in CO2 monitor, total sulfur in CO2 analyzer binary matrix pro brokers stevensville mi, portable PID organic vapor detectors photoionization toxic gas sensors.

Automatic on-line gas chromatograph can be configured for monitoring methane hydrocarbons, non-methane hydrocarbons, benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylenes BTEXtrace gas analysis. Baseline-MOCON manufactures automated gas analyzer systems for trace detection of impurities in specialty gases, monitoring trace organics in specialty gases monitoring acetaldehyde, BTEX impurities in CO2 for the carbonated beverage industry.

Baseline-MOCON manufactures mud logging gas detection systems mudlogging gas analysers - FID total hydrocarbon analyzers for monitoring hydrocarbons in drilling fluids and automatic on-line GC system for fast binary matrix pro brokers stevensville mi of C1 - C5 hydrocarbons.

Brechbuhler Switzerland is a manufacturer of instrumentation for the binary matrix pro brokers stevensville mi and measurement binary matrix pro brokers stevensville mi volatile substances in different materials, drinking water, food, drugs. Brechbuhler manufactures specialty apparatus consisted a standard, "on column" or "packed column" injector of Gas Chromatography, linked directly to the GC detector.

Other GC detectors can be adapted. The SPME is desorbed directly binary matrix pro brokers stevensville mi the detector and the signal is measured. Brechbuhler also manufactures the Cold Trap Cryogenic trap uses a vacuum pump based on a multi stage ejector using a carrier fluid like pressurized air which allows a simple and precise adjustement of the refrigeration fluid. Brechbuhler also manufactures the Hydrogen Sensor as binary matrix pro brokers stevensville mi option for GC instrumentation.

The PREP System has been designed to be a dedicated preparative system connected to any GC available on the binary matrix pro brokers stevensville mi by using a flexible heated interface line to the preparative unit. Binary matrix pro brokers stevensville mi Scientific Instruments Division Bruker AXS, Bruker BioSpin, Bruker Daltonics, Bruker Optics offers a broad range of instruments and solutions for analytical chemistry, life sciences, clinical research, materials research, environmental analysis, forensics, lab automation, process control, quality control.

CCS Services supplies microwave digestion systems, microwave ashing systems, microwave extraction systems, microwave sub-boiling acid distillation system Milestone Srl. The company supplies laboratory water circulators, water chillers, circulating water baths. CCS Services supplies vacuum pumps dry scroll pumps, rotary vane pumps, diffusion pumps, turbomolecular pumps, ion pumpshigh vacuum turbomolecular pumping systems, ion and titanium sublimation pumping systems, vacuum and controllers, helium mass spectrometer leak detectors, high vacuum fittings and valves, spare parts for Varian pumps now Agilent Technologies.

Manufactures a broad range of sample introduction and analysis instruments. CDS has supplied instrumentation for a wide range of additional analyses, including catalyst screening, reaction optimization, organic headspace analysis and environmental testing for water and soil.

Sample concentrators, dynamic headspace, pyrolysis and specialty interfacing products. Pyrolysis Equipment- the Pyroprobe line for the analysis of polymeric materials directly by GC, MS and FT-IR, by both binary matrix pro brokers stevensville mi heating and programmed thermal processing, with interfacing for all major analytical instruments.

CDS offers an extensive collection of one-page application notes. Typical results obtained when analyzing paints, rubber, fibers, drinking water, foods, packaging, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and many more samples are provided, with operating conditions and a list of the equipment used.

The Model AS Pyrolysis Autosampler provides automatic pyrolysis of up to 36 samples using the Pyroprobeand interfaces to all major models of gas chromatographs. The Pyroprobe is a basic pyrolysis unit permitting pulse pyrolysis in a single step, binary matrix pro brokers stevensville mi an isothermal interface. The Pyroprobe In addition to all the capabilities of the Pyroprobethe Model offers both pulse pyrolysis and programmed slow rates with programs using up to 5 steps, programmable interface temperature, multiple method storage, and user selectable Dry and Clean functions.

The HTD is a Pyroprobe with a large, heavy duty coil probe for rapid binary matrix pro brokers stevensville mi of larger samples for high temperature thermal desorption applications.

Model Sample Concentrator- The model Sample Concentrator is the most flexible headspace binary matrix pro brokers stevensville mi on the binary matrix pro brokers stevensville mi. It may be configured to do both water samples and thermal desorption of solids and sorbent tubes in the same unit. Chromatec Yoshkar-Ola, Russian Federation is a manufacturer of gas chromatography instrumentation. Chromatec offers data handling system for chromatography.

The company also manufactures petroleum testing instruments, lab apparatus for petroleum distillation, crude oil distillation. CIC build instruments designed specifically to meet your application needs, starting with a GC from the manufacturer of your choice. CIC GC configurations include a wide variety of multi-dimensional both valve and pressure switching multiple-application GC's with one or more of specialized sample inlet systems and unique detector arrangements.

CIC also offer a number of commercially available specialty GC analyzers. Chromatotec Group Chromatotec Inc. Sulfur compounds analyser in Natural Gas or GPL is a gas chromatograph with an electrochemical detector. Instrumentation for air analysis: Also specific instruments for Chlorinated or nitrogenous compounds and Total hydrocrabons in air. Instrumentation for gas analysis: Analytical instruments are mainly based on the principle of photoionization detection that supplies reliable and accurate measurement of wide variety of dangerous air contaminants from low ppm level binary matrix pro brokers stevensville mi to thousands ppm.

Long life time of CHROMDET photoionization lamps allows to produce photoionization fixed point gas detection systems for continuous monitoring of air contamination. Patented ammonia generator is a unique instrument, which generates ammonia in air mixtures without using gas cylinder and can be used for field calibration of ammonia measuring instruments. All types of lamps are turning out both in electrode DC mode of operation and electrodeless RF mode of operation versions. Detector has original design patented in Russia.

The main feature binary matrix pro brokers stevensville mi construction is the absence of seal between the lamp window and ionization chamber. This provides the following advantages over the conventional PID: Only corund non-porosity ceramic is applied for insulation. Photoionization detector PHD-2 is designed for using in gas monitors, it consists of photoionization VUV-lamp and ionization cell. Photoionization sensor PHD-2 is intended for incorporating in gas detectors and fixed point stationary systems.

Chromian is a manufacturer of scientific devices, specialized in Thermal Desorption for Gas Chromatography. Chromian is dedicated to the continued development of the technique of thermal desorption. Provider of consulting services and support of all kinds, including: Also design and manufacture custom accessories for Thermal Desorption desorption chamberespecially for applications in the semiconductor and disk drive manufacturing industries and distribute of unique chemometric software from Germany.

The TDSorb System comprises a unique inert chamber through which a controlled gas supply is passed and collected on a sorbent tube. The chamber is therefore ideal binary matrix pro brokers stevensville mi desorbing volatiles from any small up to 4 inches diameter sample that does lend itself to desorption from a standard sample tube.

Chromatec supplies gas handling equipment, flow meters, manifolds, gas purifiers, pure gas generators hydrogen generator, nitrogen generator, air generator. Chromatec also supplies water purification equipment, laboratory water purification systems.

Analytics is a manufacturer of laboratory and process analytical instrumentation for species analysis, on-line process analyser, total sulfur analyser. Analytics designs, manufactures, markets, and distributes the sensitive and selective scientific instruments for the natural gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries. Manufactures intrinsicaly safe on-line binary matrix pro brokers stevensville mi, and laboratory total sulfur, chlorides, halogens, and species analysers Sulfur Species binary matrix pro brokers stevensville mi Natural Gas and Sulfur Species in Kerosene.

Some of the analyzers are used in environmental monitoring.

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