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These programs are free software: If not, see http: AcBuilder is a software intended for aircraft conceptual design. It allows creating of parametrized geometry of aircraft including interactive 3D visualization, binary pilot software download free input parameters for modules of CEASIOM software and calculation of basic geometrical and weight quantities.

Software evaluates the crack growth measurements to obtain the influence of crack growth rate on the range of stress intensity factor for the central notch specimens. Software evaluates measured acoustic emission signals in order to obtain time charts and approximate localization of developed defects in test specimen.

Queue is a software for gradual processing of commands in the command line. The data are changed in the given range of angle of attack and side slip angle, automatically. Binary pilot software download free set the free stream speed only. Wanted Angles of attack are set directly in m. Program enable to compute polar curve, without to overwrite input file in each step of the calculation, that leads to short the computation process and error elimination in setting the input file.

Software package OPTPROFIL is a universal optimizer of airfoils consisting of the airfoil-evaluation package, airfoil-parameterization package, and a mutli-objective evolutionary algorithm. It contains a package for parameterization of wings, a package for their evaluation and the evolutionary algorithm. Software is designated for calculation of the unsteady three-dimensional inviscid compressible flow in the stator-rotor system of the axial binary pilot software download free stage.

Software for calculation of the temperature field for two-dimensional compressible turbulent flow past blade cascade. The temperature field is calculated in both parts: The program is used to calculate the calibration matrix of third order for the six component balance. The calculated calibration matrix has a size of 6x A software for a binary pilot software download free prediction of a noise generation from air nozzles. The software is based on the Goldstein acoustic model for axisymmetrical jets.

The flow variables needed by the acoustic model are computed by RANS equations for an axisymmetric problem. Wingload1 is a software intended for calculation of loading of slender rigid wings. Wingload2 is a software for calculation of elastic slender wings loading.

Software SAD determine static aerodynamic derivatives from aircraft model wind tunnel measurements. Binary pilot software download free are measurement data files and list of measurement files and deflections. Program enable edit, depict and save graphic and text output files. Program WTMC-view is determined for creating, depiction and saving combinations of graphs of aircraft model windtunnel measurements. Inputs are list of measurements with values of measured configuration parameters and measurement binary pilot software download free files.

List of combinations can by created directly in program by designated constant and variable configuration parameters. List can by also loaded from text file, series of graphs are subsequently saved. Program is suitable for final analysis of large set of measurements. The ADD program is used for estimation of aerodynamic damping derivative from wind tunnel measurement. It is created in Matlab and run is done in this simulation program. The principle of determining the damping derivatives is based on an estimate of the angular rate and damping of exponential signal.

Software evaluates binary pilot software download free material fatigue life binary pilot software download free obtain the influence of maximum stress on the number of cycles to failure.

The software allows visualization and record of mesured dynamic signal. It is possible to visualize the signal in its time and frequency domain. The filter has much better selectivity compared to the commonly used digital approximation filters. Program PG1 is primary intended to acquire connectivity of aligning points of 2D slice of 3D mesh. Generally it is a non-convex hull extraction from point data set.

There is no unique solution, program offers solution by geometric approach or Dijsktra's algorithm applied to travelling salesman problem. Program run in Matlab. Calcwing1 is a software intended for calculation of loading of slender elastic wings. A software solves parameters of shock waves in humid air up to a saturation limit.

A special attention was given to solving this case in real conditions of a transonic wind tunnel with an athmospheric intake. The software solves either normal or oblique shocks. The software can be used to convert a binary pilot software download free representation of a blade profile to the set of parameters or to assign geometrical points to the given parameters. The use of the software is mainly in optimization problems. Software AFDB contains database of airfoils a their aerodynamic characteristic computed in Xfoil program.

Software for results displaying of high lift mechanization CFD computation. Software that processes aerodynamic characteristics from wind tunnel measurement. Program creates a computational mesh that contains triangular elements. Binary pilot software download free work with the system of equations describing non-stationary inviscid compressible fluid flow in 3D, i.

We use the analysis of the Riemann problem for the construction of the boundary conditions in order to match the experimental data. As a part of this work we present own-developed software for the solution of the 3D RANS equations, using the shown implicit method. In particular, we choose the implicit finite volume method. As a part of this work we present own-developed software for the solution of the 3D Navier-Stokes equations, using the shown implicit method. Many boundary conditions i.

We show, that the unknown one-side initial condition for the local Riemann problem can be partially replaced by the suitable complementary condition. We suggest such complementary conditions by preference of pressure, velocity, total quantities, Our method for the construction of the boundary conditions is robust and its use accelerates the solver convergence to the desired solution.

As a part of this work we present own-developed software for the solution of the 3D Euler equations, using the binary pilot software download free method. Software is intended to be used for the solution of the viscous turbulent flow through the diffusible barrier. The software pack OSTEP can be used for the solution of the heat equation for the axis-symmetrical body. It uses the finite volume method. The software pack D3TEP can be used for the solution of the heat equation for the three-dimensional body.

Software is intended to be used for the solution of the viscous turbulent flow through the propeller disk given by a velocity profile. Software application is necessary tool for parameter choice in AE event recognition from sampled record. There were developed couple applications for online clustering mechanisms for AE data separation. Applications are capable of easy analytical setup of described clustering mechanisms.

Cluster analysis results were demonstrated on AE data measured on CT specimens fracture toughness. First application do transfer of measure data from binary pilot software download free device to evaluation PC and second visualize measured data in time domain and on simple model visualization. Evaluation application allows Excel export of chosen data. Tdcdaq provides means for event time and time interval measurement data acquisition, basic statistical processing and graphical real-time presentation.

Modular architecture allows to support different one- or two-channel time-to-digit converter devices, using various communication interfaces.

Notable features are bit signed time arithmetic and included lightweight graph plotting framework on top of FLTK graphical user interface. Source code is publicly available at: Multi-regional solver for solution reacting flow problems based on RANS equations.

Outputs of the program are autoregressive model frequency characteristic with selected natural frequencies and the list box with computed natural frequencies and their damping ratios for each analyzed signal. The program can also compute binary pilot software download free acceleration shock response spectrum for measured signal. Wingload2 program is designed to calculate the aerodynamic loads of flexible slender wings of the aircraft, which may be deformed around an elastic torsion axis not bending.

The individual wings are composed of trapezoids with defined 2-dimensional viscous or inviscid profile characteristics at the interfaces of these trapezoids, the elastic axis and the weight distribution. The aerodynamics of the wing is designed NLWing2 program, which is a method of non-linear lifting line. The program outputs are the aerodynamic characteristics of wings and a description of deformation. Evaluation of cycles of the dynamic loading of structures.

The software designated for calculation of characterization of a dynamic loading according to so called Rain-flow methods, concretely the four-point approach was used. Input data is a file containing measured sampled signal in correct data format that is consequently reduced to local extremes — peaks and throughs.

Some level of range filter can be chosen to omission of small insignificant cycles. The extraction of the individual cycles characterized by their amplitudes and mean values is the first results of calculation. These two parametres of each cycle are then recorded in a matrix which presents cycle frequencies in given load-time history with accuracy according to select matrix size and boundaries.

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