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Software house Konami has released many gems for the MSX system, including some wonderful vertical shooters. One of them is Salamander ; maybe the hardest of them all. One of the upgrades is soft-scrolling.

ROM with the following changes:. Display help screen by pressing [H] on boot. Access these extra options by pressing the following keys on boot: In gameplay paused with F1 key: Faster only with Turbo CPU2: Flavour Colour one per stage 2: Original MSX1 colors 3: Cool Colors by FRS.

Player 1 Voice Set: The modded game can be played online on File-Hunter. Or, watch Vampier's longplay of it on YouTube.

I doubt MRC will put a direct link to such a. If you go to the site where you can play the game online, it shouldn't be to hard to find a way to download the. Direct links are allowed, admin said so here https: Thanks, tfh, I was searching for this ROM. Finally am going to play it myself! You're welcome Have fun: The patch made the game even more amazing! But if even that is to hard for someone, just look at the source of the Salamander page www.

Doesn't look very scary to me. In fact, Konami has drawn a bit of a mutant snake, I think. Even more solid than Solid Snake, I think. Can't they do anything right there? Could you explain how you did the smooth scroll on msx2? Was wondering how you could solve that one without multiplexing sprites at the edge that were already taken by the game. Love playing this version! This is actually quite nicely done, congrats.

Most of tyle based objects in this game, change its position each 8 frames, so It's just question of adjust the scroll each 8 pixels each 8 frames But that is exactly what I mean, if the game was shifting those tyles based object each each irq's or with one background karakter shift this will work perfectly. But if you shift all of those background tyles including those tyles based objects on each irq one pixel at once, why aren't those tyles based objects when they move in a different direction then the background also shifting back and forward with those single pixel shift?

Ohh, looking a bit closer it seems that those tyles based objects are indeed shifting back and forwards together with the background, you can see in the youtube movie at: But still great job improving an already very good game.

BTW, positively suprised about the number of visitors that have visited the "play online" page. Wouldn't have expected that number close to unique IP's. I've tried to correct that Don't say sorry, it's a wonderful job that you did! Besides that, you won't even notice it while playing the game I was just wondering how it was fixed but it seems that almost every tyles based object are moving in sync with the background.

Yes, the final result is fine But it is not perfect I was able to correct the movement of those objects But then they didn't collide with the player and bullets Now I'm working with Gradius What I am interested in, is the methods used to inject your code to coexist with the original. How did you do the reverse engineering, just plain-ol' debugging? As an MSX-asm-coder I'm trully amazed at this level of skills.

Changing sourcecode of others is hell, let alone assembled data! After mapping the rom all I get is a blue screen. Any tips on how to get it running? The file is patched correctly, because it runs fine under emulation. Konami's Salamander Pimped Up by ro on ROM with the following changes: Comments 26 By Metalion Paladin Does the smooth horizontal scroll works also on an MSX2?

By Victor Champion By djh Paragon Can this be downloaded in. By tfh Paragon By syn Paragon By Latok msx guru Say, over the years, I wondered why it's called 'Salamander'. By ricbit Champion Giant fire salamanders are part of the japanese folklore.

By J-War Champion This is actually quite nicely done, congrats But how did they manage to handle those tyle based objects from shifting? By cesar guerra Supporter 4. It would be possible to make the same in Nemesis 1, 2 and 3? By ro Guardian By meckert Rookie Login or register to post comments. Don't you have an account yet? Become an MSX-friend and register an account! V Powergraph Light - New Batch Nemesis 3 patch for smooth scrolling and other enhancements Flashjacks combo cartridge by Aquijacks Press joystick button to select.

Nishi finally meets Manuel Bilderbeek. Right now on Ebay. Nemesis 3 patch for smooth scrolling and other enhancements Flashjacks combo cartridge by Aquijacks Press joystick button to select. Terms and conditions Privacy policy Contact us.

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3 for an OSPF cost command that does not get reflected in the ASCII config. Reply Glen P says January 14, 2009 at 1:03 am Hi, You might want to look at NetworkAuthority Inventory ( ) for this kind of thing.

Hope to definitely visit soon Reply Joserra says July 29, 2009 at 3:30 am Hi, Id like to know which perl module do you use. In the past you had to compile and install it by hand but I believe it was in yum the last time I installed it. Here are the packages that I generally install; net-snmp: A collection of SNMP protocol tools and libraries.