GridView - Overview of different ways to bind data to columns

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Artikel GridView - Overview of different ways to bind data to columns Category: Introduction This article will give you an overview of different ways to specify the columns of a GridView. It won't discuss different ways to bind Data bind columns to gridview in aspnet c#. Using the AutoGenerateColumns property to render all columns of the bound dataobject. Specify which columns should be displayed, by adding BoundColumns to the Columns property.

If you want to follow bind columns to gridview in aspnet c# article step-by-step, this is how you can do it: Create a new Asp. I have created a sample class, that will be used for this entire article. Insert this class into your project: OnInit e ; if!

The first way I will present you, is to let the columns be autogenerated by the GridView. The GridView creates a column for each property in our dataobject. The second way to create the columns allows to explicitly define, which columns should be displayed, how they look and in which order they are displayed. A slight disadvantage that comes with this, is that bind columns to gridview in aspnet c# the GridView the way you want costs time but not that much.

In order to specify the columns we need to set the AutoGeneratedColumns property to false. The third way I will present you, is to use TemplateFields. In a TemplateField you can specify per column, which control should be rendered for which Display-Mode. This is done by several sub-properties of the TemplateField property: Template that is used, if the GridView is in the Display-Mode, or if no template is specyfied for the current mode the GridView. This article focuses on the ItemTemplate.

As I've said, a TemplateField gives us more flexibility. Let's assume we want to display a link to a user profile, but only, if the user isn't banned. Otherwise we will display the ban reason. Format "User is banned. And from the Data Base But Still Its Nice Work. Jawed Aba Ali - Can you tell me how to add dynamic hyper links in the grid view. Bind columns to gridview in aspnet c# in my database i have a table called Project in that i have column called project name.

I want to display ProjectName as a hyper link. Can u explain how to add Hyperlinks in gridview. It is really helpful. Thanks for the explanation. Hitesh Bhatia - This is very nice. I would love to learn some topics in your words. Well composed topic, clear and concise, Stay The Course Man! Add a comment due to recent massive spam, I've decided to only display new comments after a manual spam check:

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