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Kind code of ref document: Country of coeur decimal vers binaire options document: Date of ref document: Ref legal event code: Year of fee payment: The present invention relates to an individual measurement system processing and transmission of essentially physiological parameters. Indeed, it is increasingly important in the treatment of many diseases, as in the practice of several sports to know accurately certain physiological parameters of an individual, such as heart rate, pressure, blood sugar as well as parameters related to the sporting activity as the speed or the power developed by the user.

To this end, many types of lightweight and easy to attach to the carrier sensors have been developed in recent years, ranging from simple electrical contacts to meet an electrocardiogram ECGcomplex sensors directly incorporated for example in silicon chips.

Most of these sensors coeur decimal vers binaire options electrical signals related to the s parameter s to measure coeur decimal vers binaire options holders of useful information. For example, an coeur decimal vers binaire options, there will be features pulses whose frequency is the direct image of the heart rate. However, further analysis of the shape of these pulses could provide additional information on certain malfunctions and could thus help prevent some heart attacks.

The processing of signals from the sensors do not pose a problem if the individual can be connected coeur decimal vers binaire options a fixed installation, for example when the person is bedridden, or is connected for a relatively short time for installation fixed measurement. Such a design is for example the device described in GB-A, wherein detection devices worn by several users transmit by radio waves biological data to a central unit. This solution is also the one used in the literature by JH Schild et al.

At present, it is possible to make small and independent signal processing devices which can be attached to the individual, for example directly on the abdomen by means of a belt or coeur decimal vers binaire options. It is easy to understand in the case cited above the parameter display means to be easily legible, must be separated from the signal processing system. Wire bonding is always difficult since this wire can easily break when the person coeur decimal vers binaire options.

An interesting example wireless link is given by some reading systems heartbeat used for training of top athletes.

These systems include a belt having ECG signal sensor and a single device shaping of this signal generating pulses to the heart beat frequency. These pulses are then transmitted wirelessly by off modulation of a radio signal to a receiving device, processing and measurement of these signals, to calculate and display the heart rate.

The receiving and display device may for example be incorporated into a watch attached to the wrist, or placed on the handlebar of a bicycle, in the most appropriate manner according to the kind of use. It coeur decimal vers binaire options then be combined with other functions, particularly time or stopwatch functions. A device of this type is described for example in FR 2 The first major failure of the known systems is the fact that the measurement is performed at the receiving device.

Thus disruption of the radio link may coeur decimal vers binaire options measurement errors and an erroneous display of the heart coeur decimal vers binaire options. The second major flaw is the limitation of such a system. Indeed in its present design, it allows measurement since heartbeat simply transmit impulses at this rate. Outside, as we have seen, some applications require further analysis of the ECG signal, see the analysis of parameters given by other types of sensors.

A final important point is to minimize energy consumption, particularly at the reception and display device, which is usually battery powered and must present the greatest possible independence, especially if also used as shown as mentioned above.

The present invention provides original and effective solutions in this direction. Figure 1 schematically shows as an example a measuring device carried by the user and forming one of the components of the system according to the invention. For example the sensor or sensors 1, 2 can be mounted on a belt 3 can be clamped around the waist or by means of a fastening loop 4 or by a Velcro type fastener. In the case shown, the sensors 1 and 2 are simple electrical contacts for example in conductive rubber to detect the ECG signal.

These sensors are connected directly to the stand-alone device for processing the signals 5, also attached to the belt. This processing device 5 typically includes coeur decimal vers binaire options electronic circuit which will be described in detail later, a battery with an access system 6 allows an easy change thereof, a pusher or a switch 7 to turn on or reset the device, and display means, can be here as a single LED diode 8, for controlling the operation of the device.

Finally, the device comprises a transmitter coil 9 to ensure the radio link with the display means. These display means are represented in the example in Figure 2 as a digital clock 10 best indicator for trading forex a conventional display of hours, minutes and seconds 11, and a special display 12 the parameters measured by the processing device 5.

The the display can also include flags and symbols corresponding to the parameters to display 13 or 14 special circumstances, such as the end of battery life. The watch also comprises buttons 15 for calling up the various functions and, if appropriate corrected, and a receiver coil 16 for receiving radio signals from the processing device 5.

The watch may also comprise a buzzer enabling attract the attention of the wearer when needed. This function is not shown since it is well known tradespeople.

Note that coeur decimal vers binaire options display means can also be arranged to be fixed on a support other than the same person, for example riding a bicycle in the case of a cyclist, or close to the head a bed in case there is a bedridden person.

In the latter case, the display means may be associated with an assistance system or alarm to attract the attention of staff in case of problems. However, this is of particular applications that do not fundamentally alter the operation of the system.

The processing device 5 may also be attached in other ways, e. There is also now the sensors that measure certain parameters of blood, eg sugar levels. The measurement of this parameter is essential in the treatment of diabetes and it would be possible by combining this type of sensor system according to the invention to display this value to determine when the wearer needs insulin and in what quantity. This processing device may use several types of sensors, for example an ECG signal sensor 20 and a temperature sensor Each sensor is connected to an amplifying circuit and shaping of the signal 22 and 23, connected in turn to the processing means and for measuring these signals Thus, from a single sensor, for example sensor 20 of the ECG signal, the processing means 24 could determine several parameters.

First, the instantaneous heart rate 25, the average of the latter on 26 for example beats, and variations of it expressed on the increase or decrease of 27 percent three distinct parameters were determined from well the same sensor.

May also have one or more parameters determined from one or more additional sensors, typically the sensor 21 connected to the amplifier 23 and determining the parameter The processing means 24 are shown here very schematically in coeur decimal vers binaire options form of relatively simple wired logic.

In practice, instead of using the set managed by microprocessor logic. There are currently a range of microprocessors with very low consumption able to not only perform various measurement and processing of the measures mentioned above, but also to perform the classification of these measures and to generate control messages and error. In our example, these error messages are represented by two bits to four combinations, each combination corresponding coeur decimal vers binaire options a particular message, battery life end, poor contact, etc.

The processing means can also generate 30 parity bits to control the conformity of incoming messages. Finally, the processing means 24 can be used to optimize the energy consumption of the device so as to obtain the highest possible autonomy.

This consumption is largely determined by the consumption of the radio transmitter. This can be achieved by adapting this transmitter switching periods the stringent requirements needed by ad hoc algorithms run by the processing means. In this case, we must of course indicate the display means the value of the switching time.

In our coeur decimal vers binaire options, this period is represented by two bits of information 31 corresponding to the transmission periods 2, 4, 8 and 16s. From the data and other information provided by the processing means, it is to create a stream of fixed duration pulses to be transmitted to the display device. This pulse train is formed as follows: Number 1 9, 10, 11, 12 9, 10, 11, Number 2 13, 14, 15, 16 13, 14, 15, Number 3 17, 18 17, Each pulse train corresponds to information of 24 bits, six groups of four bits.

The address identifies the sender. Indeed, it may, in some cases, two transmitters are close to each other. It is therefore important that the receiver can differentiate between the two transmitters from one another. The first group corresponds to this address is randomly fixed for example by a four-bit counter 32 as a function of the closing time of a switch The three groups represent the value of the parameter expressed by three digits.

To avoid having too long pulse trains and variable duration, it sends the value of a single parameter pulse train. The various parameters, four in the direction of pulses. The various parameters, four in the case described, are selected alternately by the processing means 24 via a demultiplexer The next group is composed of two bits 29 corresponding to the selected mode or parameter. The next two bits correspond to special messages, alarm, battery end of life, etc. These four bits are mixed by circuit The last group consists of two bits defining the transmission period determined by the processing means And the last two bits are parity bits for controlling the transmission quality.

On a ainsi six groupes de quatre coeur decimal vers binaire options. It has six groups of four bits. To create this binary information series, there is a coeur decimal vers binaire options 39, 40 controlled by a quartz The first part of the sequence generator 39 is a binary counter which generates the various signals required for the formation of pulses.

The second part of this generator is a binary counter 40 which generates the various signals required for controlling the demultiplexers 37 and 38 outputs Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 and Q5 to form the bit pulse train forming the information to be transmitted to the display device.

The output signal of the selector 42 is applied through an inverter 43 to a clock coeur decimal vers binaire options of D flip-flop 44 whose reset input is connected coeur decimal vers binaire options the counter 8ms output Thus, the FFd 44 will generate on its Q outputs a pulse of 4 ms at the beginning of each transmission period.

This Q output is connected to the input set of a D flip-flop 45 whose reset output is connected to the output of an AND gate 46 whose inputs are connected to outputs Q4 and Q5 of the counter Thus the D flip-flop 45 will go 1 for 24 counter input periods 40, be ms corresponding to the duration of each pulse train.

Finally, the D flip-flop clock input 47 is connected to the 16ms output of the counter 39, coeur decimal vers binaire options its reset input is connected to the output of the same counter 1ms. The FFd 47 will therefore generate short pulses of 0.

This input is connected to the output of an AND gate 48 with three inputs. The first input is connected to the output of the D flip-flop 45, so that these pulses can only be generated during the duration of 24 periods set by this FFd The second input of gate 48 is connected through the door OR 49 to the output of an exclusive OR 50 having an input connected to the 32ms output of the counter 39, and the other input to the output of the demultiplexer 38 which is generated on the series information representative of information to be transmitted to the means display.

La figure 5 donne le timing des signaux aux points A, B et C. Figure 5 shows the timing of signals at points A, B and C. The third input of AND gate 48 is connected to the processing means 24 and can block the entry of the D flip-flopwhich can be regarded as an ENABLE function to suspend the generation of short pulses independently of the state of the output of the demultiplexer The output of this gate goes to an input of an AND gate 52 whose second input is connected to the output of a frequency generator

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