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Ever since Nathan Ruser, an international security student at the Australian National University, observed that Strava's data included the exercise routes of military and natsec personnel, locating military installations in Strava's has become a social media sensation.

Strava released their global heatmap. US Bases are clearly identifiable and mappable pic. For example, in Australia, it's now possible to see where people exercise at the secretive deep desert Pine Gap sigint station:. Observers have also noted that Strava hasn't revealed much more than was already already visible on Google Earth. For example, here's Pine Gap again, this time from Google:.

Strava's explanation of how it made the Heatmap says it excluded data that users asked to be kept private. The service allows users to create multiple "privacy zones" with a radius of up to 1km. When users enter such the zones, their digital tracks disappear in order to make it harder to figure out where they live or come utilizzare 365 digital care. Data revealing the location of sensitive facilities, or the habits of military personnel, would therefore have been excluded if users had employed Strava's privacy setttings.

However, as Ruser later tweeted, the location of bases isn't the only concern: If soldiers use the app like normal people do, by turning it on tracking when they go to do exercise, it could be especially dangerous.

This particular track looks like it logs a regular jogging route. I shouldn't be able to establish any Pattern of life info from this far away pic. The Daily Beast's Adam Rawnsley noticed the app can even reveal troop movements, if new Strava users pop up in an area around a military base:.

It also, by the way, possible to extract people's names, profile pictures, and heart rates from Strava's backend:. It just keeps getting deeper. You can also trivially scrape segments, to get a list of people who travelled a route, and trivially obtain a list of users. Beyond the military frenzy, however, El Reg agrees with observations that the heat map is sufficiently detailed to pose a risk to individuals. Infosec bod Brian Haugli noticed that the heatmap reaches all the way to your door:.

You can see individuals that are using Strava by zooming it to houses that have a short line. Strava gives the ability to set up privacy zones, but it's not on by default. Even if individuals had set up the area around their homes as privacy zones, which Haugli noted is not the default, the dataset still contains a level of personally identifying information that shouldn't have been published by Strava, according to European privacy researcher Lukasz Olejnik.

He told The Register in an email: Organisations should carefully consider consequences on multiple levels prior to publishing private data.

Olejnik also tweeted that Europe's General Data Protection Regulation GDPR considers location to be sensitive information, meaning publication should be handled with care. Minds Mastering Machines - Call for papers now open. The Register - Independent news and views for the tech community.

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Danish Navy expert finds no trace of exhaust come utilizzare 365 digital care in private submarine. All your base are belong to us: For example, here's Pine Gap again, this time from Google: Google's got a much clearer image of Pine Gap.

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