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I dunno, the fact that the entire city is overgrown makes me think it takes place way past Crysis 2. But why would they not just rebuild New York? According to the site, there's a dome around the city, completely isolating New York from the rest of the world. It seems crysis 2 system spec option trading they've somehow brought Prophet back to life, as the state of the city indicates that it will take place some time after Crysis 2. Richard Morgan's at the helm though I think so there should be a good explanation.

But dammit, I still want to know what became of Nomad and Psycho! Even if you look past the "my rig can run it on SuperMaximumExtreme" it's still a solidly made game that the developers actually put time and crysis 2 system spec option trading into. The story has never really been the driving force behind Crysis 2 system spec option trading, it's always been the gameplay mechanics and variety that has made it the enjoyable experience it is.

Man, I'm looking crysis 2 system spec option trading to this! Hmm, that is strange. Just hope we get the aliens from the first game back. I kinda preferred fighting them over the more humanoid aliens of the second game. The squiddies from Crysis 1 were awesome. However, I did really like the 'heavy' crysis 2 system spec option trading from Crysis 2. Seems to be a good game. I pretty much can't wait.

Also, they're tweaking the CryEngine 2 for it, so if you were Crysis 2-ready, you'll most probably be Crysis 3-ready as well. Won't be higher in demand crysis 2 system spec option trading say BF3 or the new Far Cry 3.

Looking forward to it. I'm not too bothered about the story or the visuals. The former was never part of what made Crysis stand out and just served to put you in harms way.

The latter is a given with Crytek. What I really want is a return to the open levels of the first game and Far Cry. I miss not being able to circumvent half the map and approach a guard post from the other side. If Crysis 3 still follows 2 in that it just presents us with one big-ish arena after another I might be disappointed.

Some more news and screen shots. As speculated, Crysis 3 will be a sandbox-styled shooter, giving players a lot more space and options, similar to that of the original game crysis 2 system spec option trading opposed to Crysis 2. The third instalment barring Crysis: I thought you killed all the aliens in New york at the end of Crysis 2: Apart from that, it looks pretty much the same.

My biggest wish is that they beef up the AI and make the combat was more challenging. May sound a bit vague, but I got really bored with the enemies. The soldiers were good at flanking and navigating their way around the terrain to get to you, but it wasn't that often when I found one enemy changing weapons to adapt to engaging me from a distance or close range and they never appeared to work effectively in groups. I mean, they will split up in to teams, but you'll never have one guy going in close with a close range weapon while another guy tries to pick you off from a distance.

I also crysis 2 system spec option trading the aliens would provide more of a challenge in terms of compete on the same level as your suit. But cloaking and traversing the terrain really fast never seemed to be a big challenge. Halo does this very well and when AI behaves like that it forces you to use your abilities to their most effective. I love the visuals, I love the style, the gameplay ideas and to be honest I could care less about the story.

Although I never crysis 2 system spec option trading a rig that could run the first Crysis, after playing Crysis 2, my biggest issue was that I found the combat far too easy.

Busy playing Crysis 2 now. I wish the cryo Aliens returned instead of fighting these Jelly enemies made out of people. Also, everyone keeps saying Prophet, who died right at the start of Crysis 2, isn't it Alcatraz?

Also when do we find out what happened on the island, to the other team nano suit guys? Honestly, stop thinking about the crysis 2 system spec option trading. Shoot pink jelly and run around. Don't think that the new aliens are easy compared to the Cryo Aliens. Don't think that the nanosuit's upgrading is a little weird and unpolished. Don't think that most of the game is a linear FPS. Don't think that you need little strategy if you can aim well enough.

In crysis 2 system spec option trading, just play the game. Don't think and you won't be sorry. Eh, wasn't dissing the game I quite enjoy it. Where Crysis 1 was rather short 2 just keeps going and going and going XD. You'll notice after playing that they could've made Crysis 2 twice as long as it is now, and still you'd think that you got more gameplay out of the original Crysis. Crysis 2 is fun yes, but it's not as Crysis-ey as Crysis was.

Though, as you say, eh? If you had paid attention, you'd have noticed that after every time you came into contact with aliens or the story advanced, the suit acted weird - that was Prophet's memories interfacing with yours. At the end of the game the suit keeps you alive and gives Alcatraz Prophet's memories and a bit of his personality. Alcatraz chooses from that moment on to become Prophet and continue the fight against the aliens and the government who wants to cover up the entire city of New York in a giant glass dome.

Hooooooooooooooooooo leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit http: I was fairly impressed with Crysis 2, despite my earlier misgivings when I first started playing it. Crysis 1 offered a heck of a lot more stealth options, options in general really, but still I did enjoy Crysis 2 quite a bit.

One thing and this is probably not something most would have cared about I really missed from the original was the ability to holster your weapons. I played Crysis 1 using almost exclusively melee attacks, and was gutted that I was forced, like it or not, to crysis 2 system spec option trading a weapon drawn at all times in the second game. I also crysis 2 system spec option trading really like the fact that I could not grab an enemy from behind, and that I was forced into either a stealth kill or shooting the NPC.

Little things like that did irk me, and it would be nice if Crysis 3 gave us back these options I mentioned above. From crysis 2 system spec option trading I've seen of Crysis 3 so far looks impressive. I like the crossbow, although I hope they don't make it too powerful. Still, it's a crysis 2 system spec option trading weapon for this type of game.

I think Crytek are trying to compromise a little with the way the world seems to be structured. It seems to have a bit more open-endedness to it than Crysis 2, which is good. One other thing I hope they change a little is the Cell soldiers.

There was really no invidiuality to any of them; they looked pretty much like every generic corporate soldier from any game you can think of. The Koreans were certainly a more varied and fun group to take down. I'm hoping they introduce a few distinct and varied Cell soldiers this time out. Lastly, I actually on the whole, preferred the aliens from Crysis 2 to the original. The giant flying squid aliens from the first game were pretty cool and if they make a comeback that would be great, but overall I really got to liking the more humanoid aliens from Crysis 2.

I'd like the compound bow to be an extremely overpowered weapon, but draw weight should be so high that you'd have to use Strength to draw it. Looking at the Cry 3 engine they are finally putting back the missing pieces from the first Farcry. Crysis 3 promises to 'melt' PC hardware Some Alpha Gameplay http: From the looks of things they're fulfilling my fondest desire: The marrying of the best aspects of Crysis 1 and 2!

More open world, but with focus. This is going to ROCK! But I may not crysis 2 system spec option trading able to run it without a new system. Crysis 1 still outclasses most modern games available today and the second one looked great and even ran well on weaker systems. The engine was just perfect for Crysis 2 - with the DX11 texture patch and maxxed out it was really really pretty, but still able to run on lesser systems if necessary dialed down and un-patched.

Other than the fondest-desire as I described in my post immediately above, my next best wish is that Crysis 3 comes with the same flexibility sys-spec. They both use CryEngine 3, so I don't see a reason why it won't allow cheaper systems to run the game at playable settings. Try play Crysis 2 on low, it still looks managed fx trading accounts. I was actually disappointed with Crysis 2's visuals.

I expected a lot more, seeing what Crysis was capable of on the ol' faithful DX9. Crysis remains one of my favourite FPS's, but even after playing a loaned copy of Crysis 2 from start to finish I didn't buy the game which I usually do with fun games even when I saw it for R89 the other day.

Did you play it on PC? With the DX11 rendering mode and the high res texture pack, my experience was nothing short of awesome. Pity I couldn't handle everything on max but that's for next year's rig to worry about. I played it on DX11 with everything set to "high" before the high-res patch was released, but still it wasn't so awesome for me.

Take note I'm not simply referring to "graphical detail", but visuals in total.

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