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The general public is increasingly falling prey to fraudulent credit and investment offers, against the backdrop of an economic crisis and proliferation of online providers. Faced with this scourge, which has led to ruinous losses for individuals, four entities are committed to denouncing these practices, limiting their impact through numerous coordinated actions, and alerting members of the public. At a joint press conference, they updated on the alarming scale of the phenomenon and called for public awareness of such scams.

Betting on Forex or trading binary options, investing in rare-earth or precious metals: Highly-speculative trading is the most widespread and worrying example. Numerous adverts, displayed on sites economic forces impacting the binary options market part 2 high audiences and targeting the largest number of people possible, flaunt unrealistic promises about gains to be made: Other types of scams based on identity theft e.

Aimed at duping the general public by displaying false logos or authorisations, these offers pretend to help individuals recover their losses incurred on trading sites or repatriate money supposedly seized in a third-party country.

False loan offers with demands to transfer money upfront may also be made to people shares trading accounting software find it difficult to get financing.

Four supervisory bodies, alerted to these practices and noting that the problem is expanding exponentially, have drawn up an assessment of the danger this phenomenon presents. The figures are incontestable: An AMF study on the economic forces impacting the binary options market part 2 of the main providers authorised by serious regulators showed that highly-speculative trading was intrinsically dangerous for individuals: In any case, none of sites allow for fully-secure trading or generate the professed returns: Compensation of the victims is difficult, and nigh on impossible.

With regard to identity theft or fraudulent loan offers, the losses can range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of euros per person. This provision is a real advance in consumer protection. Nevertheless, despite the judicial, legal, legislative and institutional weapons deployed, it is an uphill battle given the power of the internet which permits an explosion in reprehensible practices, strong growth in ad exposure and the internationalisation of scams.

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By continuing to browse this site, you are agreeing to the use of cookies for the purpose of visitor statistics. Navigation transversale haute Press Room Careers. Search Search Advanced search. Warnings Economic forces impacting the binary options market part 2 consultations Regulation. Print from the website of the AMF. Print the full article. Download a PDF of the full article. Published on April 1, Forex, binary options, unusual assets, false savings accounts: The means deployed by the competent bodies and the much-needed call for greater vigilance: The prudential economic forces impacting the binary options market part 2 authority ACPRwhich is also faced with an expansion of fraudulent loan offers, is acting to get infringed domain names and illegal sites shut down, and alerting on the numerous cases of identity theft it has been victim to, as has the Banque de France.

It actively monitors the practices of online operators, detects and sanctions misleading marketing practices. Online trading or unusual investment activities are often concomitant with a certain ambiguity in information delivered, a misleading presentation of expected gains and related risks, and opaque commercial transactions.

The office implements procedures to end and sanction such practices. These four bodies are working to denounce this scourge with one voice, convinced that prevention and communication are the most effective ways to protect individuals. They hammer home a key message: AMF study — October on the performances of 14, active individual investors, clients of authorised service providers, and covering a four-year period from to

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