Energy Trading and Investing: Trading, Risk Management, And Structuring Deals In The Energy Markets

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We noticed you are in the Germany. Would you like to make this your default location? With more than staff across its offices worldwide, ICAP Energy is the energy-focused commodity arm of ICAP, providing coverage of base and precious metals, emission credits, crude oil and oil products, electricity, natural gas, coal, freight and weather derivatives. We offer broking services in precious metals, energy futures, natural gas, cleared coal products and renewable fuels, all of which cater to the specific needs of each customer.

For more information please visit www. The team brings more than 75 years of combined energy and agricultural experience. We have a committed team delivering efficient, discreet and competitive brokerage services in physical, financial and renewable identification numbers RINS markets. We provide market coverage to major energy companies, fuel ethanol producers and marketing companies, agricultural companies, investment and commercial banks, hedge funds, and other trading companies.

Our desk provides pricing sheet, market research and analysis, making us industry leaders in the unbiased market-to-market price perspectives. We understand the industry information and our transparency eliminates the guesswork in price discovery for each product, providing our customers with a powerful advantage in the marketplace. The increased use of biofuels and persistently high prices for traditional fuels is driving interest in renewables. Our team in Geneva provides brokerage services for biofuels and related products, both physical and derivative, including European bioethanol, biodiesel and vegetable oils produced from rape, soya and palm.

ICAP Energy Suisse SA is able to inform customers personally of real-time market information and our prices are published via a daily market newsletter and on our website link. If you would be interested in being added to our daily market newsletter please send an email to contact. This can include both certified and non-certified products and can be against the gasoil premium or stand alone, and can be arranged as spreads or other structures as required.

As brokers, we listen to your requirements and organise exclusive industry events to give traders the opportunity to meet new players in the market. Where appropriate we provide feedback to the market about best practices and strive to improve industry standards. Using our market and country knowledge we can organise tenders for you. Our tailor-made solutions provide confidentiality, transparency and suitable counterparties to fit your requirements.

ICAP is the leading broker in coal derivatives and one of the major liquidity provider to utilities, producers, commodity traders, funds and banks. We provide a hybrid of voice and screen trading avenues on a range of indices in coal futures and options by our experienced team in London. The team has been established for over ten years and has been ranked as a consistent leader by our peers in this field. For more information, please visit www. We span the entire petroleum spectrum: Our industry expertise means we can source, market and facilitate transactions of standard and non-standardised specifications and deliveries for our customers.

We understand industry information and our transparency eliminates the guesswork in price discovery for each product brokered, providing our customers with a powerful advantage in the market. The ICAP electronic trading platform offers contracts with terms ranging from individual prompt days, weeks, months, quarters and seasons up to six years out. Our Electricity desks provide daily pricing sheets, making us industry leaders in unbiased marked-to-market price perspectives.

ICAP is now the leading broker in this still growing market offering physical and option contracts to a large customer base. Formerly United Power, we were one of the first energy trading and investing trading risk management and structuring deals pdf to launch an emissions brokerage desk to cover these markets. Our brokers have developed deep relationships with key players in the industry ranging from financial traders to unregulated utilities to regulated utilities.

The goal of the emissions team is to provide the best advice to customers who wish to trade in these markets. Our Middle Distillates and Fuel Oil team commenced trading in They arrange swaps and options in a wide range of refined products.

These include high and low sulphur fuel, gasoil and heat cracks, jet, diesel and gasoil differentials. These swaps and options enable producers and high volume consumers to hedge their portfolios. Over the last few years the liquidity created in these markets has led to increased participation from speculators. The team covers all time zones operating from offices in London, Singapore and New Jersey.

The European Gas markets are undergoing radical restructuring as extraction from the North Sea declines, dependence on gas from Eastern Europe and LNG sources grows and wholesale markets are opened up.

Our European Natural Gas desk entered the market in and energy trading and investing trading risk management and structuring deals pdf built a solid base in these rapidly emerging markets. The team has consistently been voted the number one broker in the annual Energy Risk Commodity Surveys. OTC physical contracts, storage capacity, financial swaps and options energy trading and investing trading risk management and structuring deals pdf all available.

Time periods range from same day delivery to calendar years eight years out. Our expert brokers can source, market and facilitate natural gas transactions for standard and non-standardised specifications and deliveries, underpinned by unbiased marked-to-market price perspectives. ICAP Energy combines strong financial brokerage experience with focused knowledge and insight in exploration, drilling, extraction, production, transmission, shipping, storage, legislation, and marketing with years of historical pricing information available to customers.

ICAP's full- service Nuclear Fuels desk assists customers in optimizing their positions in the highly volatile uranium market through creative solutions coming from our extensive knowledge of the marketplace. Our international reach and access to all of the buyers and sellers in the global marketplace provides our customers with the best opportunities to conclude transactions suitable to their business needs. We combine strong financial brokerage experience as well as an in-depth understanding of the marketplace including uranium mining, production and procurement.

We assist customers through our ability to source, market, and facilitate transactions in the spot, long-term, and financial markets. Since being founded 20 years ago, this division has been a leader in the physical brokering of residual fuels. Our established customer base of electric utilities, major oil energy trading and investing trading risk management and structuring deals pdf houses and investment bankers gives unparalleled insight into the fundamental price, demand and supply changes of the Residual fuels market.

Whether facilitating the delivery of abarrel international or domestic cargo to an Electric utility customer, or structuring a sale or exchange of domestic cargoes or barges between traders or oil industry majors, our experience, reputation and professionalism is evident. The Residual fuels division is an innovative leader, bringing new brokerage risk management tools to the industry.

This paper market covers all aspects of residual fuels trading, allowing flexibility to hedge all important sulphur specifications over short and long term calendar strips. When combined with the strength of our crude oil derivatives division, our residual desk offers the market a powerful tool for cross product spreads, options and hedging opportunities.

US, EU, and Global. Our transparency eliminates the guesswork in price discovery for each product brokered. Investor relations Careers Newsroom Customer support Terms of business. London Spain New York Italy. Our team has extensive experience in: Trading Energy trading and investing trading risk management and structuring deals pdf and risk management Energy markets Agricultural markets Financial markets Using our market and country knowledge we can organise tenders for you.

Middle Distillates and Fuel Oil.

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