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Lebanon-based Arabic type designer who runs the Arab type news and blog site called Arabic Typography. His Arabic type foundry is called 29letters. At ATypI in St. Petersburg, he ran a workshop on the Arabic Kufi script. Speaker at ATypI in Dublin on the topic of political resistance erp optima handel expression through graffiti in Lebanon and Palestine.

His contributions to type design: He has embarked on a project with Martin Majoor to design some Arabic fonts that fit Majoor's designs. Huda AbiFares contacted me while I was finalizing Massira and presented the opportunity to collaborate with the Dutch type designer Martin Majoor to design an Arabic typeface, which is part erp optima handel the Typographic Matchmaking 01 project organized by Khatt Foundation.

At first I was a bit worried due to the fact erp optima handel it would be my first professional type design work and that the due date was too close. However, after taking a closer look at Martins type FFSeria and analyzing its characteristics, I noticed that the treatment of the stroke and the structure of the letters shared similarities with Massira. In both fonts the use of sharp broken curves and crispy feel is present.

Erp optima handel, I grew confident in project and decided to use Massira as a starting point for the new Arabic companion of FFSeria.

Echo, which is Sada in Arabic, is the repetition of a sound caused by the reflection of sound waves from a surface. Accordingly, Sada is the echo of FFSeria.

It had to have the same point size, line space, color, contrast and feel as FFSeria. Concerning the details of Sada and the inclined angle of the vertical strokes, it was derived from the FFSeria Italic. So Sada has the same feel as the Roman but is inspired from the Italic. More on the Sada project. Another project of Zoghbi involves a type family being developed for newspaper headlines.

Inhe created a 3-style Phoenician type family called Fniqiya. Done with Huda AbiFares. This is erp optima handel Latin ornamental type family. Looks like Futura Bold. A corporate font under the heading, Arabic for Univers Erp optima handel Arabic corporate typeface for a global shipping and transport company.

The Arabic is intended to work with the Latin type Univers. Unfortunately, I can't mention the name of the company nor the design firm I did this Arabic type work for.

The font will used in all Arabic publications, ads and packaging for the company. It is a mixture of straight vertical, horizontal and diagonal pen stokes incorporated in-between curved corners and edges. At FontStructhe made Arapix This is a commissioned Latin typeface based on the same concept as of an Arabic font. Each of the 26 Latin letters has Caps, Initial, Medial and Final shape enabling the letters erp optima handel connect as in the Arabic script.

The drawing of the letters was all done using the Arabic calligraphic bamboo stick and based on the Naskh Calligraphic Style. Opentype help from Erik van Blokland.

Azer in Arabic means friendly, ready to assist and lend a hand. This multilingual typeface combines simple lines with careful detailing to create a serious but approachable look. The Latin is a humanist sans-serif with crisp cuts based on the broad nip pen calligraphic structure and contemporary erp optima handel. The fonts include Arabic, Farsi, Urdu and Latin variants.

Azer won an award at TDC An old typewriter font. A great high-contrast fashion mag style typeface. Speaker at ATypI in Reykjavik. Speaker at ATypI in Amsterdam. Designer in Abu Dhabi. Creator of the thin stencil typeface Teto and the thin geometric family Arwena Dubai-based designer of the political protest font family Gazawith typefaces Gaza48, Gaza67 and Gaza14 representing the size of Palestine as it evolved from and to Graphic designer in Dubai.

He had a go at erp optima handel geometric counterless fad in JAM Design Studio ]. Alfredo Marco Pradil [Hanken Studio]. Known as Ameer Ghanem erp optima handel Ameer Magdy. Sharjah, UAE-based designer of a circle-based Latin display typeface in Andrew Paglinawan Dubai, Erp optima handel is a self-employed graphic designer, working in the fields of logo design, print design, web design and branding with the majority of his time spent designing and implementing marketing promotions for small businesses such as logos, brochures, letterhead, business cards, and posters.

Creator of these typefaces: The free neutral geometric erp optima handel family Quicksand see also the Google Font Directory. A fantastic display type that crosses Bodoni and Pistilli Roman.

Inhe published the free sans family Chiqwhich was inspired by Optima. InBright Grotesk was first shown. InBright Grotesk was published as a commercial font. Dubai and erp optima handel that, Beirut Lebanon -based designer of Celinaa charming typeface with a hint of art nouveau warmth. Inshe created the Arabic kufi-style typeface Kanater.

Dubai-based designer of a logotype caps typeface for Daniel Bio Studio Dubai-based designer of the crystallized typeface Low Poly Medium-sized truetype font archive run by the Government of Dubai. Originally from Mexico City b. He designed the futuristic typeface Neutronium erp optima handel He created the experimental typefaces Kooler o NormalNaujoks Love and Edgarpiramide and the comic book typeface Jeronimo Cartoon He has erp optima handel done his summer internship at Linotype, where he worked under Nadine Chahine, an award-winning Lebanese type designer.

He is located erp optima handel Beirut, Lebanon. Creator of an Arabic graduation typeface influenced by the destruction of Beirut. For Polypodhe created an Arabic typeface to match the Latin version for Solidere a Lebanese company involved in the reconstruction of Beirut's Central District.

Ajman, UAE-based designer of a counterless Latin typeface in Dubai-based erp optima handel of the octagonal paper fold typeface Yumm Sans Turkish graphic designer in Dubai.

She created the hand-drawn typeface Gizem's Sketch in using iFontmaker. At Type Paris inhe designed the lapidary humanist typeface Saadiyat. A graphic designer in Dubai, who created the fun display family Elementary Designer in the United Arab Emirates who made a great typographic illustration simply called Vector Hanken Studio [Alfredo Marco Pradil].

He is currently located in Dubai, UAE and is a prolific type designer. Based on HK Grotesk An angular wedge serif typeface. A bold compressed all caps sans. A text typeface with didone elements. A sans typeface family.

A didone typeface family. Blockera heavy rounded sans. A Swiss typeface family. A geometric sans family inspired by Century Gothic and Futura. The Medium weight is tweetware. A free headline sans typeface. A text typeface family. A tweetware sans typeface. A custom typeface for Dell's Alienware computers. A custom typeface for Extremis. A Caslon-style text family. El Enra Rounded A condensed headline sans. A simple sans typeface family.

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