QWin 2017 H&B: Not Updating Option Prices

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Tom YoungSuperUser. I don't think the issue is on ETrade side, but I'm willing to explore further. The following link provides information about how Quicken is supposed to update option prices. I'm sort of etrade options pricing the same position as Etrade options pricing above. I'll try talking to Quicken support to get an answer but not sure if they'll know what I'm talking about. Updated my transactions from ETrade this morning. Powered by Get Satisfaction. Community powered etrade options pricing for Etrade options pricing.

Community Home Quicken for Windows: Managing Investments - Windows. Etrade options pricing Updating Option Prices. The prices were etrade options pricing out of date or zero. Has this feature been removed or has some change been made in the format of the security symbol to be used to retrieve the prices?

Investments are all with Etrade options pricing and I've not had any problem with this issue until this week. Since I have a number of options in my portfolio, I like to keep them up to date so I know where I'm at during the start of the day. Any help would be fantastic!

Bill Hooghuis Points. Was on quicken support chat for two etrade options pricing to resolve. The support agent didn't know what an option was and appeared to be multitasking so much that he was just wasting my time. He insisted that it was not a quicken issue. The agent insisted that it was a file issue. I etrade options pricing a brand new file. All the stock data updated but not the options. Randy Myers Points. I should clarify Im on Quicken Deluxe R Tom YoungSuperUser 14, Points.

Exchange traded option don't have "ticker" symbols and Quicken quotes only supports securities with ticker symbols. I seem to recall that prices for exchange traded options are supplied by the broker.

Both of your use eTrade? Then I'd guess it is an etrade options pricing with the file they are construction on their end. I went to your link and verified that my etrade options pricing were entered correctly. And then when I created a brand new file, the agent who appeared to be multitasking still insisted that it was a file issue on my end and not with quicken.

Jim Burdick Points. I have been trading options and downloading the quotes in quicken for over 10 years and no problems until two weeks ago. Last week I also had a couple of mutual funds that did the etrade options pricing thing both in an ETrade account and a Fidelity account. This week only the options had this problem and I only use etrade options pricing ETrade account for options. Brought up quicken 16 on a second computer. Loaded a file from before problem started one month ago.

All my options prices were there. Turned off the option to download quotes in One step update so it should only get the price updates from the accounts. After one step update, none of my options had a price, which means the market value shows as zero. Also noticed I had several mutual funds and even a few stock prices that also show no price and market value of zero. After turning the download quotes in One Step Update, everything has a price except for the options.

This etrade options pricing was in both my ETrade and Fidelity accounts. So it's not the computer, the data file, or the company downloading from.

The options symbols have not changed and they worked fine until two weeks ago. Data sent in the log indicates there was no change in any of the formats. If I get etrade options pricing chance I may tap into Quicken support to alert them to this issue. Otherwise, it may not be corrected.

I lost patience with them - good luck and thank you in advance! You might review your OFX data to see if your option pricing properly appears both places.

At first sight, it looked to me like stock option quotes were still getting updated in the Mac version of Quickenbut not in the Windows version anymore. The Mac version just pulls up the last quote it could get hold of Problem seems to me related to the investing. It doesn't deliver stock option prices anymore. Atul Srivastava 60 Points. Quicken is not recognizing options OCC symbols as valid symbols and cannot find the quotes for them in their database.

They might etrade options pricing changed the source feed providing quotes because few other symbols have changed e. I etrade options pricing have found a work around. The other day I edited a couple of options symbols to delete the price history. I noticed that some of my symbols contained two spaces between the stock and number in the symbol and some contained three spaces. I edited a couple of etrade options pricing and created one with no space and one with one space.

I did the one step update and nothing changed. Since it did not change anything I left them that way. Today when Etrade options pricing updated my data, I manually was updating the options etrade options pricing when I noticed that the one symbol I had edited to one space in the symbol had downloaded the correct price. I moved to a second computer that I have quicken installed on and edited six more symbols to only one space. After one step update, the six options that I edited had the correct price and all the other options had no price.

Tried to update a few more and did another update but seems like once the price has been updated for the day it will not change again. I will try again in a day or two and see if this works. Or if someone etrade options pricing wants to try to edit a couple of symbols before they update and see if this works.

The symbols were originally downloaded from ETrade when the options were traded. Someone made a programming mistake because they didn't understand the standard and padded it with a single space. So, a two character symbol becomes 3, a 3 character becomes 4 and a four character becomes 5. Great workaround until someone fixes it. Then we go etrade options pricing to the 6 it's supposed to be. I edited a total of etrade options pricing option symbols to only one space no matter how many characters they have.

After update 15 of the options had a price update and 8 did not. Tried a couple of things but could not get those 8 to update. Noticed most of the options that would not update are long term. Went to ETrade website and the 15 that have updated have had a trade today and the 8 that will not update have no trade volume. Not sure what that means but appears price only updates if there has been a trade since last update. Jim, I can confirm everything you found. Looks like a bad, or etrade options pricing, programmer made the assumption that the ticker prefix has a fixed length of 5.

Means, if there was a trade during the day, the quote is getting updated, otherwise the old price stays in place, which in our "fixed" case is 0, of course. Looks like Intuit urgently needs some talented developers and some more dedicated support guys on board Thanks Jim, my stuff is up-to-date now Okay, just add a line for today in "Edit Price History" Called and spoke to ETrade support this morning.

Etrade options pricing are aware of problem and "working with Intuit to resolve". Thanks everyone for following along and helping get this issue resolved.

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