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You must login or register to post a reply. For instance the ema and period lookback bollinger bands I know forex strategy builder professional 38 crack not how Bollinger intended them used but there are cases where they do some pretty neat things. These longer lookback periods give you the ability to utilize higher timeframe waves on a lower timeframe entry. I know there's the "Longer Timeframe" option which might get it part of the way there but that appears to be locked to the previous bar and I need to act on the current timeframe.

Is there any way that the hardcoded cap of can be pulled off the moving average and the bollinger bands or at least moved to say I can accept that it won't act until the lookback period of that length is populated should always have that many points in the lower timeframe anyway or even as a backdoor config setting I just don't see any obvious way to make it work right now otherwise.

When users have to use their "ingenuity" forex strategy builder professional 38 crack work around this PBV issue by using large parameters, it is very telling that we wanted to overcome get rid a feature we don't wish to have but are force to work around it. FSB has a few functions such as backtesting, Optimisation and Generator. But we often forgot that there is another function call the Execution function. This is forex strategy builder professional 38 crack of the core and main factor why many of us buy FSB.

We want to turn our strategy into workable EA but we lack the programming skills to do it. If I have programming skills, I won't be here. I thought FSB, though with it's great customer support, isn't really consumer centeric, it failed to recognised what traders really want.

All these years of trying to fine tune my EA only to learn lately, that forex strategy builder professional 38 crack was not my EA's "fault" but the PBV features which I all the long thought it was the 1min's previous bar I "flipped and was flabbergasted" I "wasted" so much time trying to perfect my EA only to realised I was targetting at the wrong problem.

Now I understand this phase "select and use your tools wisely" If I knew this is what it would ended up I wish more traders like you will step up and voice our trading preference the freedom to turn off PBV instead of being forced to change our trading style and strategies to suit this whole PBV features. Footon has a thread re indicators, he has become an 'indicator mechanic' and has a lot of knowledge as to what we can do with them Does anyone know why we are doing this in the first place?

We are trying so hard to work around the software instead of the software working for us. Yeah sure, turning off the PBV can also be done, just go and learn some programming skills and you will also know where to turn off. It becomes absurd when we as users have to dig into those files and learn to get around the system, isn't it very telling Thank you so much Hannahis, That's very helpful! It would have taken me forever to find that validation limiter without that info probably would have eventually run across it when I got desperate enough to recode forex strategy builder professional 38 crack EMA to increase the limit.

Well crap, not as easy as it first appeared. Didn't realize you wanted me to forex strategy builder professional 38 crack the c files, was hoping it was just a user config.

Would those modifications in turn also need to be performed on the mql files or is it just a limit in the UI? I recon I could start decompiling things to find them but it seems like there should be an easier way. Great to hear you worked it out! Modified the MovingAverage indicator to extend the available periods, put it in the indicator folder etc. Moving Average" and "Expert Advisor is not exported. Cannot create the expert file. I'm guessing that because it's using a "custom" version of the moving average indicator, it's also looking for a custom mql file?

We cannot use the "MovingAvergae" file name and class name because they conflict with another MovingAvergae class. This is the reason we use the "MovingAvrg" name for the original MA indicator. When you modify an indicator, FSB Pro loads it a s a custom one and searches for a respective file in the "C: The program searches for a "MovingAverage. You can fix the problem by placing such indicator there.

You are not logged in. Please login or register. Pages 1 You must login or register to post a reply. RSS topic feed Posts: Popov Lead Developer Offline From: To be convenient for you I attached a file below. The only change is the class name.

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