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Its working out for me so far! Glad you put a link in here. I will sign up immediatly. Worse he deletes any negative comments on his site.

Low life douche bag screwing people over pretending to be out for for their best interest. It will come back to each and everyone of you dingy untalented gutter rats He is a affiliate marketing trash bag and will be a target for is the really a good binary options software videos I think maybe its time for some live reviews of the software actually working to get people to stop guessing and STFU In short no automated software will ever get the kind of results a trained trader will Just short of the software becoming self aware and then its SKYnet all over again!

Sun Apr 8 Tokyo: August in Beginners Questions. Hi everyone, With the number of Automatic Binary Trading Software released everyday, one can run into confussion trying to find out which works and which don't. I am a newbie looking to make money through Binary Trading and I would like to make use of some auto trading software but I don't know which works that I should use. Kindly share with me the one you have used and it's perfomance. All the bots for binary options you see are generally low performance or straight out scams.

Wow, thanks a great deal Lotzofbotz for the comment. Agree with Lotz here there is no product available to the public that is the really a good binary options software auto trade bins, think about it for a second the people in the normal trading world hire Quants and pay them millions of dollars and give them almost unlimited access to funds if they can program a bot that trades well. And by trades well it has to take plus trades a second.

So why in the world would there be a BO system is the really a good binary options software no bank or financial institution would ever trade as it would be the same as Wells Fargo waking into a casino in Vegas ever develop the software.

August edited August Nice they are running a 2 for 1 special there, limited time only! If you use a robot you will lose why would they sell a winning robot?

If it works that is sit back make money and dont do jack Think About it Really. Stop thinking with the part of your brain that is interested in greed and take a step out into reality about what would happen to bin brokers if a robot did work and how fast the word would get around you would not have to go searching for one. Sign In or Register to comment. Who's Online 1 1 Guest.

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