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Wednesday, 04 April at What can I say? When u try to make a sale and buyer tells you X,Y or Z website is selling it at an obviously ridiculous price, what can you do? Just wish the buyer Good luck. Penny wise, pound foolish. All explanations fell on deaf ears. Thank God this topic is on front page, losts of people have fallen victim in the past and perhaps present, there is an elderly man, I have been tracing for some time now, who claimed to be a Nigerian ex custom officer, and have dupe someone here Nairaland.

I won't be surprise if they do Option car for sale in nigeria organisation is bloated and not fit for purpose. People often cry about their imported goods being stolen or incomplete. I think we should privatise our seaports.

They need to be bigger and modern. God bless you for this. These guys are mainly around Ikeja yet they claim they work at custom offices in the northern part of the country.

Thank God for this Post o! Could you believe I had almost fallen for one Mr. Isaac that says he is with Nigerian Custom service I really like this your post Thank God o, I'd almost sent N50k to one idiot like that. He had even sent me his account number with full names with Zenith Bank.

Thank God for leading of the holy spirit o. Check this post http: I was contacted by d fraudsters as well but i was smart enough 2 know who they were.

If it sounds 2 good 2 be true, it's false. Below is a sample email from one of these Customs car scammers. I'm sure Nigeria Customs does not write this way. He calls himself Mr Hassan. Clear a car for 30,? And you were considering it? They are so many out there. The moment i tell them i wont pay a kobo until i see the car, they stop calling.

Option car for sale in nigeria up Inspired for this eye opener. Somebody sent me this address http: The prices of the cars there are unbelievably cheap.

I also learnt that they have a 'ring' around Festac area in Lagos, once you buy, they repaint and do your custom papers for you. I know a friend that bought an EOD for K. The truth is that some Custom officers aren't unaware of this.

Inspired,I'm a dealer and also an agent at idiroko and seme borders. It's a pity that so many people have option car for sale in nigeria for this scam. It is true that custom service do auction option car for sale in nigeria but it's only when you get official documents fron their HQ in abuja and even people who option car for sale in nigeria them option car for sale in nigeria rarely known,we just see them come to the border posts to move these cars.

Many of these boys are what we call"camp boys",local boys used by custom officials has errand boys and what they actually do is hang around custom parks where seized cars are parked with the hope of settling anyone with official documents so they can help sell the cars but note one thing,they will scam the potential customers at the end of the day. I once called one option car for sale in nigeria immediately I told him I was an agent,he cut off and till today he rejects my calls.

I rang this 'Customs PRO' on He identified himself as Adeniyi Adewale. Very confident and even agreed that I check him out via Nigeria Customs. This is the web address http: He would be an easy prey to apprehend. Nigeria Customs should also start an online publicity by warning innocent people from getting sucked into this scam. I visited our Nigeria customs site. I did not find anything warning Nigerians except a link to report fraud.

That is good but not enough. Our customs MUST create a page where fraudulent web sites are placed for public awareness. I think Nairalanders are doing a good job at this. Inspire being the brain behind this exposure.

Is there anyway of shutting down this website? The way English was bastadized here speaks volumes. Absolute trade mark of uneducated scammers. One would like to think that our Customs have an intelligence wing option car for sale in nigeria snoops around for information.

Looking at the awesome level of 'free information' on this customs thread, there are unlimited best forex trading application including cell phone numbers and bank account details of these scammers to put them away.

But do we have this wing in the customs? These scammers are so indifferent to the fact that their identities are open secret. I spoke to one 'married female' by the name of Mrs? She was so grossly annoyed with me because I witheld my number. Customs should wake up and do their job. Nairaland is providing all the hard evidence and information, why can't our customs simply fininsh the job? Pls beware of thishere is the name of the site they use now www. Moderator, inspired; some scammers are using option car for sale in nigeria site to make unnecessary option car for sale in nigeria.

See a new user Dan. Not that I will fall for him but there are many gullible Nigerians who will fall. For the good name Nairaland auto section, please investigate. You're very right, i thought the Government ask the Customs to sell off these impounded cars so decided to bid for one. I had a feeling option car for sale in nigeria could be wrong so i told them i would only pay for the car when it gets to me in Lagos. The man agreed but said i had to pay the driver's money upfront which was N30, i said i would pay N15, upfront and the balance when the car got to me.

I did so and stories started flying, the driver said the car was seized at the border because his boss who i was dealing with didn't give him the original car papers, i called his so called boss but his phones were off till monday, this happened on a friday.

They claim to be based at the Customs office at Zone 2 in Seme. N15, isn't my problem because i know they've placed a curse on themselves but i really do wish something could be done to apprehend these people. His option car for sale in nigeria number isHis name is Akinsola Rufus and he uses the email: Yes o, the website is www. The type of people who fall prey into the hands of these scammers are those who will see a corolla 1. Anything that is ridiculously cheap should be properly investigated before money exchange hands.

A friend of mine also lost k to this Guys recently, for a Benz kthe scammers excuse was that road safety seized the papers on his way to abuja. Pls Be warned guys. Huh i was badly scammed the sum of thousand by one Olatunde williams his mail olatundewilliams hotmail. When did this happen? After all the noise we've been making to sensitize you guys? Next time,learn to curtail your appetite for things that are unbelievably too cheap. People should beware of fraudulent activities going on in the name of car auction.

He asked me to pay some amount into his account for registration option car for sale in nigeria and delivery. His phone no is The man is just trying to dupe people. I called one of them this evening with respect to one of the cars he added,he said he'll call back that he was in a meeting n I recalled I called 1 last week,he said he was in a meeting still He did call back but I noticed he was a young boy trying to adjust his voice to that of a real man that I guess will fit that of the man whose picture he used on the add Well I decided to google it then I found nairaland n after I read most comments,I had reasons to believe that nairaland is properly gauarded!

You guys should keep on this good work,it will save a lot of Nigerians from those real bad guys!!!

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