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If you are serious about increasing your website traffic, then you need to pay attention to the WordPress SEO best practices. This is actually why a lot of people choose WordPress to start a blog or website. While WordPress makes sure that the code it generates follows the SEO best practices, there is a lot more you need to do if you want to maximize your SEO efforts.

To options handel fur dummies pdf free download it easy, we have created a table of content to help you easily navigate through our ultimate WordPress SEO guide. Start here to learn the basics, and then you can start applying them options handel fur dummies pdf free download your own website.

Google and other search engines use advanced algorithms to understand and rank pages appropriately in search results. It is really important for all business owners to make their website search engine friendly, so that they can maximize their search traffic. WordPress comes with a built-in option to hide your website from search engines. However, sometimes this option can get checked accidentally and it makes your website unavailable to search engines.

If your website is not appearing in search results, then the first thing you need to do is to make sure that this option is unchecked. Notice that these URLs are readable and a user can guess what they will see on the page just by looking at the URL text. Notice that these URLs use numbers unrelated to the content, and a user cannot guess what they will find on the page by looking at the URL. Using SEO friendly permalink structure improves your chances of getting better positions in search results.

By changing your permalink structure on an established site, you will lose all of your social media share count and run the risk of losing your existing SEO ranking. If you must change your permalink structure, then hire a professional, so they can setup proper redirects. If you are just starting out with your website, then you need to choose whether you want to use www http: Search engines consider these to be two different websites, so this means you need to choose one and stick to it.

For more detailed information on this topic, take a look at our guide on www vs options handel fur dummies pdf free download — which is better for WordPress SEO. When it comes to choosing the best WordPress SEO plugin, you will most likely narrow your choices down to the two most popular solutions: This makes it easy for search engines to find all of your content. Google Search Consolealso known as Webmaster Tools, is a set of tools offered by Google to give website owners a look at how their content is seen by the search engine.

It provides reports and data to help you understand how your pages appear in search results. You also get to see the actual search terms people are using to find your website, how each page appears in the search results, and how often your pages are clicked. You can then plan your content strategy accordingly. Google Search Console also alerts you when there is something wrong with your website, like when search crawlers are unable to access it, find duplicate content, or restricted resources.

Once you have added your website to Google Search Console, click on the Crawl menu and then select Sitemaps. Once you have successfully added your sitemap, it will appear as pending. It does options handel fur dummies pdf free download Google some time to crawl your website. After a few hours, you would be able to see some stats about your sitemap.

It will show you the number of links it found in your sitemap, how many of them got indexed, a ratio of images and web pages, etc. SEO is an ongoing process that you must keep up with if you want to see maximum results. It also shows you a preview of options handel fur dummies pdf free download users will see when they Google your website. When writing your blog post, simply scroll down to the Yoast SEO section and take full advantage of it.

However if you want even better results, then you need to follow the WordPress SEO best practices below. But they will make a big difference if you follow them. WordPress allows you to sort your blog posts into categories and tags. Often beginners get confused on how to best use categories and tags. Categories are meant for broad grouping of your posts. If your blog options handel fur dummies pdf free download a book, then categories will be the table of content. For example, on a personal blog you can have categories like music, food, travel, etc.

Categories are hierarchical, so you can add child categories to them. On the other hand, tags are more specific keywords that describe the contents of an individual post. For example, a blog post filed under food category can have tags like salad, breakfast, pancakes, etc.

Think of these as indexes section in a text book. For more on this topic, see our guide on categories vs tags and SEO best practices for sorting your content. By using categories and tags properly, you make it easy for your users to browse your website. Search engines assign each page on your website a score page authority. The recipe of this score is kept secret so that people cannot game the results.

However, the most common signals of authority are links. You should make it a habit to interlink your own posts whenever possible. If you have multiple authors, then create a pre-publish blog post checklist that requires them to interlink at least 3 other blog posts. This will help you boost your pageviews, increases the time users spend on your site, and ultimately will improve the SEO score of options handel fur dummies pdf free download individual blog posts and pages.

Engaged users means more links back to your site, more traffic, and improved SEO. Spammers submit comments with bad links which could affect and even ruin your search rankings. This is why we recommend everyone to start using Akismet. It is one of the two plugins that come pre-installed with every WordPress site, and it helps you combat comment spam.

If Akismet alone is unable to handle comment spam, then see these tips and tools to combat comment spam in WordPress. If your blog posts attract a lot of genuine, spam-free comments, then you should pat yourself on the shoulder for building such an engaging website! However, too many comments on a post can make it load slower which also affects your search engine rankings.

Keep reading below to find out more about how speed affects SEO. See our tutorial on how to paginate comments in WordPress. As mentioned above, links help search engines decide which pages are important. For good search rankings you need to make sure that you are getting more link juice from other websites than you are giving away. This helps you save link juice. This will allow you to easily add nofollow to external links. By default, it shows the full article content on all these pages. Full articles also make your archive pages load slower.

Showing full articles everywhere also affects your page views. For example, users who subscribe to your RSS feed options handel fur dummies pdf free download be able to read the full article in their feed reader without ever visiting your website. For detailed instructions, see our guide on how to customize WordPress excerpts without coding.

Even if you follow all the WordPress SEO tips and best practices above, if your site is slow or gets taken down by a hacker, your search engine rankings will take a big hit. Web usability experts believe that users decide whether they want to stay or leave within few seconds of visiting a website.

That means that as a website owner, you only have a few seconds to present your options handel fur dummies pdf free download and engage users. Search engines like Google admit that they rank faster websites higher than slow loading websites.

Images are more engaging than text but they also take more time to load. If you are not careful with image sizes and quality, then they can slow down your website. See our guide on how to speed up WordPress by optimizing images for the web. Another trick you can use to optimize your images for search engines is to use descriptive title and alt tags. These tags help search engines understand what your image is about.

They also help users options handel fur dummies pdf free download visual impairment as their screen readers can read the alt and title tags to them. If you are a photographer or add a lot of images to your WordPress site, then you need to use a gallery plugin.

We recommend using Envira Gallery. Each week, Google blacklists around 20, websites for malware and around 50, for phishing. This means that the security of your WordPress site is crucial for good rankings.

At WPBeginner, we use Sucuri to protect our options handel fur dummies pdf free download against attacks. This adds an additional security layer to your WordPress site. If you are using Bluehostthen you can purchase a SSL certificate.

Go ahead and implement a few of these WordPress SEO tips, and you options handel fur dummies pdf free download see an increase in your traffic within a few months as the search engines process your changes.

If you liked this article, then please subscribe to our YouTube Channel for WordPress video tutorials. You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook. Last updated on April 3rd, by Editorial Staff. Regardless, we have a step by step guide on properly setting up each of these plugins:

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