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Our resources, both human and material, are remarkably geared to prepare the students for the 21st century. This school adheres to a strict educational regimen and extra-curricular activities that inspire the highest levels of overall academic excellence among all students.

With a teacher-student ratio of 1: This helps in building options strategies for successful reading and writing dubai excellent rapport between the educators and the ones being educated. Learning begins at a tender age. Therefore, we concentrate our energies on these young and impressionable minds. An effort is made to retain these students right through their student career and build them up from the beginning. IHS has been imparting quality education over 5 decades and helps develop a options strategies for successful reading and writing dubai personality.

Mentioned below is the options strategies for successful reading and writing dubai of subjects taught at the Primary level. The curriculum for the pre-primary classes focuses on developing skills in the areas of Motor Control, English Language and Communication Skills, Options strategies for successful reading and writing dubai and Emotional Development.

The subjects like Mathematics and General Options strategies for successful reading and writing dubai are also introduced. At the primary level, the curriculum strengthens the developmental skills of the child. These skills are further nourished with different language skills, such as English, Hindi and Arabic.

The overall development, interests and talents are fostered through inter-disciplinary approach and activities like Art Education, Work Experience, Physical and Health Education and Reading Program. The critical thinking programme commences from Class 5. The activity in this programme enables children to grasp more difficult aspects of classroom teaching, by enabling them to think laterally. This also prepares the students to deal with a much better, and an international level of education, helping them to adapt to foreign universities and even at the competitive level of excellence.

Following are the subjects taught, at a glance. English subject comprises of two components: The curriculum is designed to help students in their communicative and linguistic competencies. The content selection is determined by the students' present as well as future academic and social needs. It aims at developing and integrating the use of language skills.

It also helps in developing an eye for good literary work and appreciates it. Hindi as a subject too has two components: It is important to have firm knowledge of the Hindi Language, as it is prominently spoken in the Indian Subcontinent. It is important to know the local language of the host country.

Therefore, a firm knowledge of the Arabic language is important as it helps us understand the people, live in harmony and also build a rapport. Mathematics and its knowledge is a way of life.

It is exponentially developed over the years. The above are some of the sections covered in Math. Overall, the curriculum options strategies for successful reading and writing dubai children to think, reason, analyse and articulate logically in their day to day life.

It also aims to provide them with knowledge and understanding of the terms symbols, concepts, principles, process, proofs etc. To aid computational work the use of algebraic methods, geometric skills and mathematical tables are inculcated from a young age. General science is taught from the beginning of senior school. To instil knowledge about concepts, across discipline of sciences, science subjects focus on developing problem solving and decision making skills.

To begin with appreciating scientists and understanding their work is important. Various facets of our ecosystem and existence are linked to pure science, which can only be understood and imbibed with steady scientific education.

Scientific options strategies for successful reading and writing dubai leads to an analytical mind, problem solving capabilities besides acquiring knowledge for scientific concepts, principles and laws. Later on general science is classified and explained in detail through three core subjects: Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Chemical concepts are also explained and some of the main components of chemistry subject are chemical reactions, periodic table, different chemical compounds and elements, Compounds of Carbon, Rocks and Minerals, Extraction and Properties of Metals, Man-made Materials.

The face of India - The land of monsoons, agriculture, with different water resources and our manufacturing industries. The curriculum of geography is designed keeping in mind the human environment.

Geography teaches beyond locations it helps understand the essentials of locations, population, climate to location facts regional information, topographical data helps them to develop an understanding the environment and it facets. The subject enriches the students' skills and abilities to read, understand and analyse the geographical information and data presented in various forms such as maps, graphs, diagrams, charts etc. Options strategies for successful reading and writing dubai subject also equips the students with needed abilities and attitudes to study and analyse problems of development having geographical dimensions.

The syllabus is designed to give an insight into the change and development through which human societies have evolved. Children can appreciate the contributions made by various cultures to the total heritage of mankind. It helps foster an understanding that mutual interaction of various cultures acts as a catalyst in development and progress.

The subject lays emphasis on history of the region. It creates awareness about community affairs, structure and working of the civic and political institutions. The subject also talks about the various social, economic and political challenges being faced. A sense of Islamic studies is integrated in the students.

The dignity of working in Islam and Women in Islam are also major components taught. The syllabus aims at enabling the pupils to cultivate social, options strategies for successful reading and writing dubai, ethical and aesthetic values which exalt and refine the life of an individual and the society.

Children learn to appreciate the work of great men and absorb their finest qualities. Value based learning prepares them for a flawless life. Though these are more intensive years, yet formative and impressionable, leading to the All India Senior School Certificate Examinations, IHS leaves no stone unturned in guiding the sometimes confused, teenagers to the right career path with numerous career oriented seminars and workshops.

To help students to acquire high level of competency in English language. To acquire reading and writing skills including summarizing, abstracting, note making; the art of learning to learn, that is, the ability to cope with English for further education; an active vocabulary of 2, common words, and a passive vocabulary of another 1, words; interest in listening to English speech and in reading varied materials in English.

Creative work in mathematics; to create confidence in equipping themselves with the skills needed for the branches of science physical or social or humanities in which they have an aptitude for higher studies. Focussing attention on 'problem solving' in the liberal sense.

Nurturing the higher order options strategies for successful reading and writing dubai processes of logical reasoning with stress on rigour and precision, development of concepts, language etc. Introducing non-traditional techniques inclusive of audio-visual aids, viz. To develop competence to pursue science based professional courses like engineering and medicine Gain knowledge, understanding and application abilities about different aspects of Physics.

Strengthen foundation for further study of Physics. Develop an interest in study of Physics as a discipline. Acquire necessary manipulative and experimental skills.

To strengthen the concepts developed at the secondary level and develop new concepts to provide a sound background for higher studies in chemistry. Develop competence in students to pursue science based professional courses like engineering and medicine as a future career.

Help students develop manipulative and experimental skills in students necessary for investigation of the materials in their environment. To explain basic concepts of Biology and increase the awareness of the entire animal and plant kingdom, which constitutes our biological environment. The subject enables the students to understand how biology is a part of everyday life and is intertwined with social aspects of science as well. A firm understanding of Biology helps students with the fundamentals of human body, its environment, the nutrition and other socio-biological aspects.

To develop competence amongst the students to pursue technical courses like Engineering, Architecture, Craftsmanship, Surveyor and other professional courses where geometrical and mechanical drawings are an integral part of the teaching-learning process. To help understand the existing economic condition and institutions in India, within their current and historical perspective.

To understand the structure of Indian economy and the changes it has been undergoing. To help students understand the principles, laws and concepts of economics in this globally changing state. To understand the concept of national income and methods used in calculating national income, banking concepts, commerce etc. To develop in the student an interest in the theory and practice in business, trade and industry. To options strategies for successful reading and writing dubai students with the theoretical foundation and practice of organising, managing and handling routine operations of a business firm.

To inculcate attitudes and values that lead to the integration of business with various social systems that are added with a positive approach. To impart knowledge of method considered useful in maintaining records of proprietary and partnership firms, companies and non-trading organisation. To generate and promote awareness of students in modern techniques of maintaining accounting records with the help of computers.

To familiarise students with the basics of human development that are necessary for understanding of oneself and different areas of social growth. To help students realise that resources are scarce and need proper and efficient management.

To enable them to become alert consumers and inculcate healthy food habits, by providing knowledge of nutrition.

Good knowledge of textiles for right selection and proper care of clothes. Provide authentic historical knowledge and understanding of those regions and periods that the pupil has chosen to study.

Develop an attitude of studying the past to understand the present better. To eventually have a personality that is free from irrational prejudices and from bigotry, parochialism and communalism and is imbued with a scientific and an advanced outlook. To enable students to understand the society at large. Get a good grasp of the societal changes, its use and existence so as to perceive the social reality objectively. Familiarise students with the basic concepts in sociology and its relevance to Indian social reality.

The subject allows students to familiarise with the change and development of any society, through different processes. To stimulate the curiosity and interest of pupils in the subject. To options strategies for successful reading and writing dubai pupils to apply basic knowledge of concepts and principles of Psychology in their day-to-day life, to achieve and enhance their mental health and understand their conditions better.

To acquire basic knowledge of Information technology. To learn information processing tools and techniques.

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