How you can send your Red, Blue, and Yellow Pokémon to Sun and Moon

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If you find any errors or missing information in this guide, or if you have any feedback, please let me know. To begin, choose the game to trade fromOR use the form below. Save the game, then go back to the 3DS home screen. Tap Purchase, then tap Purchase to complete the purchase. But if the Bag is full, the item will disappear. After Brigette finishes her explanation, a menu will appear. The game will ask if it is OK to go to the eShop. If you are prompted for your password, enter it and sign in.

Tap the "Tap Here to Download" button. Tap Next, then tap Download. You can choose to Download Now or Download Later. You won't lose your gifts if you pokemon red 3ds trading options Yes. Press left to go to the Transport Box. Skip to main content Pokemon Walkthroughs and Utilities Toggle navigation. How to Trade Pokemon red 3ds trading options Red to Ultra Sun If you find any errors or missing information in this guide, or if you have any feedback, please let me know.

Choose Different Games to Trade Between. Get help with games! Go to list of all games. Page last updated Pokemon red 3ds trading options Pokemon Walkthroughs and Utilities.

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Gen 2 introduced the Move Deleter but not the Move Relearner. I've read it was possible by connecting to Stadium 2, to get one move re-learn as a prize, but I don't know the specifics. Could it be repeated? It sounds like it'd be a pain regardless.

Edited on Thu 25th February, I just remembered Jynx is trade only for a Poliwhirl. It's name is Lola. Why they do her like that. Truth is that while the names make suggest otherwise our red and blue are based on the Japanese green and red, with Blue's bug fixes and graphics. Abgarok Nintendo Network ID: Yes she appears on Seafoam Islands in that one. I forgot RBGY have weird things like that going on for it. I also just remembered the awkward part of choosing who to use Moon Stones on, at least back when I was a child and didn't realize there were only so many in comparison to the endless amount of the other elements there are in the shop.

Speaking of Jynx and that specific trade, there's a slight translation error I forgotten about until I read about it again "The old man that trades the player a Jynx in Cerulean City claims that the Poliwhirl he received "went and evolved". While Poliwhirl does evolve, it does not evolve by trade in Generation I but rather through the use of a Water Stone.

Any idea how big the file size for just Red will be? Shouldn't be huge but I wonder if the couple tweaks will make it bigger. I've only got like blocks left and need to get an SD card but I'm putting it off until the absolute death.

I really wish that they had translated Green version for this VC release so that we can bask in the warmth of those ugly, ugly sprites.

Yes, the games are based on the Blue engine with the superior new graphics, but content-wise they're no different from Red and Green. Well, except for maybe the last cave we have the one from Blue, I think. And the translation errors caused by basing them on Blue. Edited on Fri 26th February, Yellow solved basically all the problems lol. I'm kind of scared to look up some of the Green sprites now That Machamp looks like a footless duck midget, and that Vulpix just looks Possessed by Cappy Currently playing: It's like they tried making a hybrid out of a praying mantis and bad Sonic fanart Kremling Krew is hiring.

What'd they do, copy and paste a Squirtle head? Reminds me of the earliest version of Daffy Duck. Although, it's actually kinda true to it's name Substitute Doll, is that you?! Yeah Yellow did fix most of the sprites, I can look at Exeggutor's Yellow sprite without having nightmares. Indeed Jynx is on Seafoam in Japanese Blue, though it's extremely rare. Like I did training on there, probably easily hundreds of battles and I found Jynx twice.

The bad thing about that if they do GSC is that in Gold and Silver it's nearly impossible to get the elemental evolution stones aside from one of each in post-game. But you can't catch Mareep in Crystal. And there's at least four Pokemon that can use it. Strange that in gen 2, Moon and the newly-introduced Sun Stones are farmable. Almost like they wanted you to use trading with gen 1 games to catch them all Playing around with Pokemon Blue on my super GameBoy I think the games might look a bit better in grayscale than with the added coloring used in Yellow.

At least outside of the battles, that is. Outside of battles, every tile of the background uses only four colors with no variation, because since the player can move around it would be hard to colorize other parts of the map with different colors. Normally on the classic gameboy these colors would be black, dark grey, light grey and white. The graphics where designed with those colors in mind.

On the GameBoy color in red and blue, the game simply loads a pallete with shades of red or blue. When you play in color on the super GameBoy, the n64 or with Yellow Version , the game always replaces the "dark grey" with a light blue. This light blue is always present because water was colored using that spot on the palette, so this way water is always blue. This means that things lose a lot of detail because what would normally be a darker color becomes light blue.

This includes shadows, tall grass and things with fine details. Maps end up looking overly bright and weird. That's the positive way of looking at the Moon stone thing, I always thought it was just because there was a limited number and they wanted to make up for the lack thereof. Yep there are 4 Pokemon that require the Moon Stone to evolve.

Nidorina, Nidorino, Clefairy and Jigglypuff. I remember Wigglytuff was one of the last Pkmn I got because I had to wait to trade with someone who had the Pokemon. I remember I traded a Kangaskhan for it because we thought they were equally rare at the time.

I kinda wish this came out at midnight because I'd actually be able to get it immediately. Not like a full retail midnight release where it would take a while to download, costs more or has a physical version I'd prefer I'd love to get me a Porygon, but I don't like the idea of gambling for hours on end in order to get it particularly as save states are not an option in this release.

And I don't have the luxury of Wi-Fi trading or breeding either. Did not know about the one in Pokemon Mansion, although by that time I had the 4 needed anyway, so it didn't matter that much. The Greatest love story ever, Rosie Love part 33 done The collective noun for a group of lunatics is a forum. A forum of lunatics. I'm belligerent, you were warned. Please login or sign up to reply to this topic. Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow Posts to of Lickitung is also in a similar situation, but can at least be caught post-game ugh in Yellow.

It is the original blue the one we never got. Thankfully they cutified it for blue. It was apparently a wild Pokemon in the Japanese Blue, but we ""never"" got that one. In Yellow you can also get wigglytuff at the game corner and the cerulean cave. Regressing to Gen I is sounding worse and worse by the minute.