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FITS format has been successful? What operating systems can use this format? Can I read data stored in this format many years ago? What are the main differences between FITS and others graphic format? Is it possible to compress data? I wrote a FITS file. How can I check if it's compliant to standard? What is the meaning of FITS? Flexible Image Transport System. The FITS is a widely used format for storing images and data in Astronomy and Astrophysics, born in the context of radio astronomy in Europe and then adopted by NASA and virtually all scientific institutions in the sector.

Sistema binario conversione format was created in the early 70s to facilitate the exchange of information and images among scientists. To resolve this problem some specifications were defined to write data according to an easily readable standard system. Inthe specifications of what would become the format FITS were widespread. It's free and you do not need a license. Yes, currently most of the space missions and many astronomical projects using this format for data storage. FITS format is currently one of the sistema binario conversione commonly used format in astronomy.

FITS format defines a set of rules that require writing the data in a standard format, so you can use sistema binario conversione in any kind of operating system. In IAU International Astronomical Uniona no profit international association of scientists of the space and astronomical sector has established the IAU FITS Working Group, which handles this format and make it always useful to the needs of modern science with updates and improvements. In strict accordance with the standards of the Sistema binario conversione scientists try to enrich and improve this format to keep it in step with the needs of science.

Once the data has been written using this format must always be read in the following years despite changes in the format. Compared to the original version over the years we have been added to new possibilities, new features, but always maintaining full compatibility with older versions.

Most information in the HDU are are in sistema binario conversione form: The contents of this site are protected by copyright. Neither the text nor the images may be reproduced, in any form, without the authorisation of the Vatican Library,Vatican City. Inquiries for potential sistema binario conversione uses should be.

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