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September in PC - General Discussion. I started playing again Tera, I have some gold, I know about the end game, I have 65s chars, and also, I know about Broker, very well. What I want to know, is, what tera trade broker tips for selling can someone do exactly, to tera trade broker tips for selling insanely rich in this game. Like, I want to have k gold, in a month.

I tried to save money from what I sold on Broker, hell, I even go spent my vg points to boxes and sell those in Broker, sell feeds I don't need like tier 8 or tier 9, and anything else important. The highest score I got was 65k gold in 3 weeks of playing, grinding and selling.

Shall I use the help of an Elite Status? Or should I buy an item and sell it in the game? What about EMPs to sell in-game? How is that affecting the economy of the game? I want seriously to become rich, insanely rich, fast and easy.

Any tips, methods, advice about that would be a great help! September edited September Well, if there were a way to become "insanely rich, fast and easy" by generating new in-game goldeveryone would be rich and then everything would just cost more since everyone could afford more.

But I think one way beyond what you're doing is to get Elite status and start really playing the broker -- not just selling, but buying and selling to take advantage of market trends. A tera trade broker tips for selling easy market trend to capitalize on is strongbox keys although you never know when EME will run the eventbut there are other possibly more lucrative ways as well. Following the typical adage, you use gold to make gold. If all you want is easy gold and you don't care how people look at you afterwards, then just get a job and on your first paycheck blow some of it on EMP.

Then buy a bunch of 30 day elite vouchers and sell them for whatever stupid price it is on the broker right now. In CH I've seen people actually buy them for 90k. I wish I were kidding. On the lowest end it's 75k and tera trade broker tips for selling average it's 80k. Once you're done, you can use that gold to play the market or you can just sit on it and be happy that you did in a few days what takes some people months. Thank you, I swear, I don't know what to do or what to sell, I'm literally selling my feedstocks and other items, but to no avail, k gold in 15mins sounds crazy.

I'd like to see more advice or opinions about it. I knew someone who used to login for an hour each day and play the broker, she said she earned k a week easily. When she quit she gave me about a million gold in resources like it was nothing.

I remember 1 guy who claimed he made 9 million from just 6 months playing the broker, he got permabanned for gold selling though. Personally, I am a grinder and I never play the broker, even doing things the hard way stupid way? I can still earn about 10 or 20k in the space of a few hours. Try to remember that playing the broker does require a decent knowledge of the market and tera trade broker tips for selling can easily wind up losing massive amounts of gold if you are bad at it.

Yeah, I don't have the knowledge about that, when I said "I know about the Broker" I meant, I know how to put items there and sell stuff, but I don't know what people will be interested. Thanks you very much! A perfect example right now is: What's gonna happen to the next patch?

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