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January 9, In a slew of speeches over the past couple months, including one on Thursday in Trade systems hawks road, Chrystia Freeland, our international trade minister, has firmly stated trade systems hawks road willingness to juke while others jive. No, Canada will remain committed to free trade and to openness in immigration. Well, good for Freeland, and good for us, I guess. Sadly, that might be a very tall order.

On that note, the death of the TPP and the U. But how much will any of that really matter? For one thing, new bilateral agreements are incredibly complex and time-consuming. Even agreeing trade systems hawks road start negotiations takes years, and actually negotiating them takes many more.

Country A might give up rice tariffs if Country B drops import duties on steel, but Country A is allowed to protect its aircraft industry in return for Country B trade systems hawks road protecting its dairy farmers. If Canada really aims to be a beacon of anti-protectionist hope, it would be nice if it would make a clear, strong and public commitment to acting unilaterally in the name of trade liberalism.

New Zealand is the real poster child here. We could start by unilaterally eliminating tariffs on hundreds of goods that simply cost time and money for businesses, while adding very little to government coffers.

Sure, we should try to mitigate the risk inherent to our dependence trade systems hawks road the U. In the end, we need to recognize that protectionism is a form of economic self-harm that politicians trot out as a form of self-defence. For that reason alone, Canada should pursue more open trade relationships. Filed under Investing Investing Pro. Not that long ago lithium was the it-mineral but miners are finding it harder to raise capital now that fears of over-estimated electric-car uptake have crept onto the scene.

Maryanne and Albert can have a very comfortable retirement if they maintain their modest way of life for another two decades. If you are not astronaut material, fear not, Aurora Station, billed as the "first luxury hotel in space," may be for you. Find Financial Post on Facebook.

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