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Advanced Search Search Tips. Aren't these just the most beautiful rings, vinodol trading options to inspire conversation and great admiration for the Croatian culture. The Legend of the Morcic. Morcic Moor-cheech jewelry has been manufactured and regarded as a unique jewel representing Rijeka for more than three centuries.

It can be found also in the court of Vienna and in Venice, as vinodol trading options as throughout Dalmatia and its islands. Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, tie-pins, pendantsare all made with the figure of the Morcic.

Through time, Morcici has established itself as an indication of economic power and social standing of the person who wears it. It also pinpointed that the wearer of this particular type of jewelry was generally a resident of the northern coastal area of Croatia. The morcic is also thought to have protective powers and was many times worn as an amulet to guard against evil.

Some women were said to have worn Morcic jewelry to commemorate the victory over the Turks that took place in the 16th Century. During the 17th Century, Morcic appeared in Rijeka as a response to morettoelaborate and ornate jewelry from Venice which had been inspired by Eastern styles.

In the 19thCentury, Morcic jewelry became expensive and sought-after jewelry of vinodol trading options upper classes.

It is worn by women on the islands of Pag, Rab, Krk and Cres. As trading developed, the Moretto found it's way through Senj into Vinodol trading options and vinodol trading options into Bosnia. Sea routes brought it to Split, Zadar and the northern Dalmatian islands.

Since the Homeland War, Morcic jewelry has made a reappearance all over Croatia and is currently a very popular form of vinodol trading options.

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The Legend of the Morcic Morcic Moor-cheech jewelry has been manufactured and regarded as a unique jewel representing Rijeka for more than three centuries. Write your review here:

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