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The best games are Huuuge. Founded inHuuuge Games is a leading real-time mobile games developer, focused on the fast-growing multi-billion-dollar social casino gaming market worldwide. For more information, visit huuugegames. Casinity is a social network, which is free to join and free to play. We took all the lovely features from your favorite print magazine, added interactivity and made it a social network. Then we replaced those dull crossword puzzles with casino games and called it Casinity.

In Casinity, users win shopping coupons, product samples and free gifts, while they browse the latest news of their favorite brands.

Just to make this very clear: Casinity is a social network with games. It is not a gaming app and does not offer gambling! Wartune trading system dubai is a B2B SaaS-based commerce platform for enabling mobile games and apps, and bundles "business logic" and back-end infrastructure under a single cloud-based pricing model. The Gamesparks platform allows games and app developers to move away from multi-vendor dependencies wartune trading system dubai long client testing and QA cycles to a cloud-based model where services such as wartune trading system dubai management, digital inventory, commerce, monetization and social marketing are configured simply and integrated on the server.

Further, Gamesparks provides a single business analytics console. With the platform, games leaderboards, virtual currency and achievements can be added with simple tools rather than lots of code, shaving months off of the engineering and testing process. The broader market for Gamesparks lies in enabling gamification and commerce of all mobile apps and is being architected as such.

Our offering comprises a a CRM and merchandising platform, b a library of social and monetization mechanics to drive desired player behaviours, c cloud code to deliver dynamic game management, wartune trading system dubai d an integration layer to allow easy plug-in of third party tools e.

OS interoperability is baked in to the platform, allowing for customer touchpoints across multiple platforms, and lifecyle management between them. Cutting edge mobile free-to-play games studio. We build the highest quality games with a very experienced team of experts who comes from games studios that have produced hit games.

Looking for co-founders, preferably with games industry experience. Can be based anywhere in the world. GREE International is a world leader in the hugely popular role-playing and strategy game genres and its highly successful titles, including Modern War, Crime City, and War of Nations, have been downloaded over million times. The game blends fun, inventive character design and deep customization features. Players are provided with exciting situations during variety of maps.

The incredible battle mechanics combined with funny looking robots add a whole new perspective to the genre. Guns and Robots utilizes Unity engine to craft the graphics and atmosphere in the game, as well as to handle its dynamic combat mechanics. Castles is 2D casual castle defense game for iOS and Android. In the game, players guide their team of brave Jellies to retrieve the stolen mystical Rhythmophone from the evil Sourbots.

There is variety of enemies that players have to overcome all over the tasty worlds. The game combines casual wartune trading system dubai with a lot of levels to explore. Our UberNet gaming wartune trading system dubai has over 1 million registered users and currently hosts 4 games. We make beautifully awesome mobile and browser games exclusively published by Nexon.

Founded in wartune trading system dubai Summer of by a team of ex-Rockstar Games veterans, Socialspiel Entertainment is an award-winning games studio focusing on AAA free-to-play mobile and browser games. All of our titles wartune trading system dubai exclusively published globally wartune trading system dubai Korean games giant Nexon, who in addition to being our exclusive publisher is also a strategic investor and advisor.

We do all this from our lovely headquarters in Vienna, Austria, want to join us? We're always looking for great people who want to make great games!

Play Mobile Games and Donate to Charity. Charigames is out to disrupt the charity industry. By playing games you can make a difference in the world. Charigames is a B2B business. Charigames partners with charities and free to play game developers. Both businesses have a burning problem. Charities and game developers need users to monetize. Charigames is a mobile and web platform to match charities and donors to raise money for a charitable cause.

Silvermile is a mobile game developer formed by industry veterans behind global brands like Angry Birds and Habbo Hotel Silvermile propels the power of fun gameplay, storytelling and multiplayer gaming into addictive free to play experiences, with strong characters wartune trading system dubai brands as the heart of the business.

The company is working on tactical multiplayer game focusing on building the biggest fleet wartune trading system dubai distinctive airships, reclaiming islands and crew of heroes. Poppermost Productions is currently building the first free-to-play open-world action sports platform that will wartune trading system dubai players massive wartune trading system dubai to explore, socialize and compete wartune trading system dubai. By partnering with over a dozen of the biggest brands, athletes and trend-setters in the industry, Poppermost Productions will offer players wartune trading system dubai unprecedented level of realism and immersion unlike any other sport game before.

Forgotten Myths is a free to play online collectible card game that incorporates deck building, card collection and strategic gameplay in a fantasy universe. You will build a deck from a total of unique cards and start challenging other players in epic wartune trading system dubai. You can complete daily quests to gain experience and gold, follow singleplayer storylines for awesome rewards, and form guilds and alliances with your friends. Beyond the core game, there is also a RPG style level progression and tournament ladder.

Wartune trading system dubai can both advance in levels and ranks, while challenging other players in multiplayer tournaments. Forgotten Myths on Google Play Store: Having a stake in the game means the difference between just watching and truly caring.

Our platform delivers the simple, powerful thrill that a sports bet has always provided--only without the risk of losing money or breaking the law. The core of our platform is the Gamblino Contest. With a limited number of points available players must choose their strategy carefully as they fight their way to the top of the leaderboard. Winning one of our contests now earns our players respect across the industry.

TrulySocial is a casual games development studio. We have wartune trading system dubai a wartune trading system dubai, casual game genre called "Flirtual Reality", wartune trading system dubai truly gamifies flirting and dating interactions. We successfully blend together social interactions, human courtship, behavioural psychology and neuroscience with video game mechanics. With "Flirtual Reality" we are first to market with an innovative game genre and we pioneer our own category at the intersection of casual gaming and digital dating.

Through innovative gameplay our players immerse themselves in engaging romantic encounters, while enhancing their wartune trading system dubai skills. Funds invested would take us to tipping point atregistered users. TouchSpin Gaming has created our first multiplayer slot game called Texas Reels. Players spin the same set of reels which rotate synchronously for all players. All bets go into a shared pot, like poker, and the winner takes wartune trading system dubai. This allows slot players to enjoy big wins based on several players bets.

With a built in meta game, scatters, powerups and multiplayer bonus games, it is the most advanced game of it's kind in the space. Texas Reels spins like slots and plays like poker. Each game is a thirty second competition between several players. Our platform now allows us to quickly output new games with new themes, several of which are in the pipeline.

They train every day, sign contracts with teams and play league matches live twice per week in a 11 vs 11 turn-based match engine. The game puts a strong emphasis on team work and the strategical and tactical aspects of football. Currently around users from all over the world take part in league matches each month and even if it is still small, the world of Footballidentity has an extremely dedicated community.

More than persons wartune trading system dubai as volunteers as Game Masters, Moderators or as part of the national and regional Associations within the game. Footballidentity is browser-based and free to play. Revenue is generated mainly from in-game purchases such as "Supporter Pass" features and additional character subscriptions. Our flagship game is a new online game genre that targets casual gamers as well as MMO players who are looking for a strategic action based games without lengthy time commitments.

This simplified strategy game is free to play with ongoing microtransactions to allow players the ability to customize their characters and expand the game. It doesn't matter whethere you are at the moment: Play non-stop together with your friends anytime anywhere.

Basic service is free-to-play. GuppyLife is a free-to-play online game especially targeted tween girls. GuppyLife is a social community where the girls meet with their friends and care for and love their Guppy—a cute little virtual pet with a mind of it's own. Skara aims to revolutionize gaming by taking a Versus Fighting concept and turning it into a Multiplayer battle arena experience. With never before seen character control and graphics powered by Unreal Engine 4, Skara promises to turn the Free to Play gaming world upside down.

Founded inPlumbee is an ambitious social casino gaming startup in Wartune trading system dubai, London that is changing the way technology fuels entertainment. We pride ourselves on creating high-quality, polished games that stand out from the competition and offer a unique and premium experience to our users. Our free-to-play Mirrorball Slots is one of Facebook's top ten highest grossing social casino games. More than 10 million people have downloaded our games across Facebook and Mobile.

We've attracted more than one million monthly players anddaily players. We're redefining social casino games and using the best and the hungriest talent to do it. We have over 60 employees, made up of the top engineers, artists, analysts and marketers in London. We value innovation and creativity and reward talent, merit and passion. ShardLine is an upcoming Game Studio Startup located in Switzerland that provides Games as a Service through an episodic release wartune trading system dubai.

We focus ourselves around engaging and emotional storytelling that wartune trading system dubai the player immerse, experience and consume our games and services where their choices matter.

We offer a Singleplayer and a Multiplayer and with both we aim to reach the same value for our customers.

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