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The transformation of Chinese rural collective enterprises in the s: Tong, William Ping Hung. An examination of superior-subordinate conflict management styles and outcomes of a construction company Tse, Kenneth Chi Kin.

How does the concept of "Partnering" adopt in construction project? The failure of China's regulation of overseas listings by private companies: Cheung, Timmy Ting Yan. A multi-national conglomerate's perspective: Online community dispute resolution Lee, Hong Nin Kevin. Resolution of family disputes by ADR and its development prospect Chung, Yuen Yue Yvonne. Principle of voluntariness in family mediation A guideline on drafting alternative dispute resolution clauses in quantity surveyor employment contracts [] Thesis LLM --City University of Hong Kong, Bank securitization and systemic risk control: City Polytechnic of Hong Kong, Hung, Fan Yat Eddie.

Ways to resolve the "business marriage" of a joint venture Designing and reforming the law of directors' duty of care, diligence and skill in mainland China: Ho, Dik Hong Duncan.

The ying on tat trading options and effectiveness of international dispute resolution platforms in the protection of intellectual property rights Dispute resolution against copyright infringement through internet download? Kwan, Ying on tat trading options Keung Jonathan. Recent development in the laws of domain name dispute resolution Liu, Janice Pui Sze. A study on the development of domain name disputes Wong, Andrew Chi Ming.

The expansive property ying on tat trading options in ying on tat trading options name and whether domain name is a good vehicle for advancing those rights Is arbitration an effective method to resolve employment disputes? The future trend in the use of expert witness in international construction disputes Chan, Ka Man Carmen. Using mediation as an effective method to resolve international commercial disputes ADR in the context of human rights: A comparison between facilitative mediation and evalutive mediation, the application in commercial dispute resolution [] 1 online resource 60 pages Thesis LLM --City University of Hong Kong, Leung, Kit Yee Kitty.

Building trust and confidence in online dispute resolution Whether and in what manner the due process of law principles should be applied to the Arena of ADR Lo, Kwong Wah Jaffy.

Ying on tat trading options of ADR in the procurement of engineering products Wu, John Chi Him. Reel alternative dispute resolution: Feasibility study of a model arbitration system for international trade in developing countries Towards a disclosure duty of third-party agreements in international commercial arbitration?

Fung, Patrick Chi Keung. An examination of the arbitral immunity The statutory and ethical duties of arbitrators The enforceability of foreign related arbitral awards in China Lam, William Ping Keung.

The effectiveness and liability of arbitrators in international arbitration Leung, Rollands Yan Wing. A comparative study of the law and practice on taking of evidence in international arbitration proceedings: Ying on tat trading options, Ho Yin Michael. Can arbitration resolve disputes arising from online activity? Tang, Siu Lun Alan. The status and recent development of natural justice in the context of international commercial arbitration An unruly horse, public policy, ying on tat trading options the enforcement of arbitration awards in international arbitration in different jurisdictions Research on the difficulties of consolidation in arbitration [] 1 online resource 32 pages: Wong, Annie On li.

Ng, Ka-chong Managing construction disputes Hong Kong: The impact of the fair and equitable treatment standard on state sovereignty: Leung, Yuen Shan Ivy.

The adoption of transparency in investment arbitration procedure: Shiu, Wan Yi Shirley. Chan, Amanda Cho Man. Chan, Kit Ying Sandy. Resolution of medical disputes by alternative dispute resolution: Professional knowledge required of arbitrators in dealing with cases regarding traditional herbal medicine [] Thesis LLM --City University of Hong Kong, An evaluation of the use of tax dispute resolution in transfer pricing in various countries: Trade remedies in regional trade arrangements: Tse, Lai Yee Lily.

WTO dispute settlement mechanism: Leung, Vincent Ho Yin. The role of technical professional as expert witness in arbitration Mechanisms of accepting and rejecting expert evdence in arbitration and their difficulty in practice Contract provisions for voluntary adjudication, the UK experience: Lee, Yu Heng Daryl. Ethos of pre-contractual duty of disclosure and reform Tort recovery of pure economic loss for defective premises ying on tat trading options the United Kingdom: Choy, Fung Peng Abril.

The protection of corporate bondholders in the United Kingdom and Germany: Chan, Johnathan Ren Hao. Comparative analysis of eBay and Taobao online trading platforms: The perspectives of mandatory mediation's introduction into Russian legislation: Chow, Ho See Stephanie. Which place is the best seat of arbitration in Asia?

Kwong, Mei Lan Mirana. The best seat of international arbitration in Asia Laws relating to Eurocurrency: East Asian free trade area: Dispute resolution in traditional China [Hong Kong]: The evolution of land system in China: Dispute resolution in consumer goods manufacture-for-export in the People's Republic of China The legal mechanism futures ying on tat trading options Strengthening China's cross border securities regulatory regime through transgovernmental regulatory networks: A legal study of mandatory disclosure requirements of listed companies: Civil liability for misrepresentation in the securities market: Developing an anti-money laundering regime and implementing anti-money laundering preventive measures in China: Shanghai international ying on tat trading options center and the improvement of the alternative dispute resolution system [] 1 online resource 43 pages Thesis LLM --City University of Hong Kong, The legal protection of the insured:

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Between and , she was senior vice president, human resources and services for Bank of America, Hawaii, FSB, where her last assignment was to lead the human resources integration for the largest international hotel joint venture in Japan. She began her career in the fashion luxury retail industry in merchandising, operations, training and human resources. Takahashi attended the University of Hawaii. Ted Ying Tat Chan is our co-chief operating officer, gaming, overseeing gaming activities across the entire organization, and he was appointed to his current role in September Prior to that, he served as president of Altira Macau from November Prior to his appointment as president of Altira Macau, Mr.

Before joining Amax, Mr. Chan worked with our chief executive officer on special projects from September to November and was the general manager of Mocha Clubs from to From June to November , Mr. Chan was the assistant to Mr. Lawrence Ho at Melco, and he was involved in the overall strategic development and management of the company. Chan served as a director of development at First Shanghai Financial Holding Limited from to May , specializing in internet trading solutions and China business development.

Nicholas Naples is our co-chief operating officer, operations, responsible for the operating activities of all our leisure and hospitality businesses, including our marketing and brand strategies, across the entire organization, and he was appointed to his current role in July Naples also has extensive experience in Asia. Prior to joining us, Mr. Hsu has worked for Mocha Clubs since September Hsu obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in business administration with major in accounting in the United States and an MBA with concentration on financial services from University of Science and Technology in Hong Kong.

Compensation of Directors and Executive Officers. The options expire ten years after the date of grant. In , options to acquire , of our ordinary shares and 34, restricted shares held by the directors and senior executive officers were forfeited.

In , the Company cancelled certain options granted in and to acquire 3,, of our ordinary shares held by senior executive officers. These cancelled options were re-issued at a ratio of 1. Table of Contents Hong Kong, from to